Alliance in Ocean 47

Gen George

I'm an experienced player looking for a good experienced alliance in O47. I would like an alliance that is
-kicks out inactive players
-kicks out players who are useless (don't read forums, support, take part in ops, speak English etc)
-is organized and has goals
-in my geographical area (O47 , 480,792)
I started an alliance but couldn't find any experienced players close by that wanted to join. If anyone has an alliance that meets these criteria send me a message.

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in Kontrol is a good alliance...they have a few members that are in your ocean

Gen George

Do you know if these are MRAs or legitimate alliances, as you just posted the top four ocean alliances and In Kontrol.


After looking at those alliances and alliances in O48, you are in a though spot. The alliances I listed are either a MRA or on the fence of being one (based off avg. points). Then you have In Kontrol. They would be your best choice but they are to far away for support. If I were you, I would join the alliance closest to you (The Forgotten Ghost or Iron Born) for protection. While you are in that alliance, you should work your way north. After you get closer to In Kontrol, then you should try and join them.