Alliance Indecency (Name 'n' Shame)


Its already started. Well, we were always expecting players who want to have diplomacy with everyone, academies and MRAs (cough curly cough), but this:

battlepig said:
I am forming an alliance in our area with the best players. I’m trying to get most of the players around us to join, so I wanna ask you if you wanna join: Dark Templars? Message me back for an invite.
If you don’t wanna join our alliance because you’re already in one, the players in your alliance are welcome to join as well. Just send me their name and I will invite them too.
If you don’t wanna leave you alliance you can still send a pact request. We do not want any enemies this early in the game.

About laddering in the alliance:
There will be possible to ressive higher ranks in the allaince, if you stay active on the forum, and contuniue to improve your city

Sincerly battlepig
Former and 1. Leader of Dark Templars
They steep to lower levels each day. Poaching, diplohoe-ing and creating academies... I dislike it a lot without valid reasoning. These Dark Templars are already trying to do all three.

So, name and shame, go for it. Found any more ludicrous alliances?


Wait do you mean am i battlepig? No im not him im the other one that tried to poach you.
Oh, that new message that came through? Oh, ok, you're still dead anyway :D

But that battlepig fellow, well he's in sticky mud atm.


No i just sent an invite i didnt think you deserved a message :D
Haha... you're still dead though :D

Anyway, me and this fellow battlepig are having a lengthy discussion; he's started to resort to personal insulting as does every noob. Fun.


I vote Cute furry kittens as their names sucks and i plainly don't like them

Shadows of the Sea

I vote tiny teddies, as they are better than my alliance. ;)
And they almost have the lowest player average in the top 15 (except MRA...)
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Bad alliances, by the looks of things. Alliances that survive on diplomacy and love recruiting anyone.


:O don't diss ma MRAs, we iz epic, and will destroy you all :D, infact I am starting to get tired of recruiting cos I am lazy and just demanding mergers :p