***Alliance of The God***


***Alliance of The Gods***


Alliance - Alliance of the Gods
Member Count - 41 and growing..
Alliance Rank - 49- Avg pts 836..

We are based as, of now, on Ocean 35(Where we are ranked 3). We do have members in other areas. We are not limited to Ocean 35. We are willing to expand.

Alliance of The Gods is run with by a Board of Directors. We encourage our members to help each other and do so, by inter-Alliance trades, pacts with other Alliances, and a swift decision process.

Board of Directors --
Chief Executive Officer - Rico The Magnificent
Chief Financial Officer - jonluk
Chief Marketing Officer - WestwardDragon
Chief Knowledge Officer - tyr2
Chief Compliance Officer - Ju888

These positions are voluntary and are to better the Alliance.

We are looking for dedicated players to better our Alliance. If you wish to join, please contact one of our Board of Directors.
WestwardDragon, Chief Marketing Officer, Alliance of The Gods
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Alliance of The Gods is growing. We are now #26. We are #1 in Ocean 35. We have 79 members @ an average of 1026 pts. .

Our board has expanded to include..

Ambassador to Ocean 36 - Black.Thorn
O36 Supreme Commander Of Armies - Lord Wybrow

Obviously, we are expanded into Ocean 36. We are looking to garner members who are willing to help the alliance.

WestwardDragon, Chief Marketing Officer, Alliance of The Gods


Well, we got to 9th place... and then someone sabotaged us. GREAT.


We're re-incarnated as AotG and with a bit less dead weight.
This time the founder won't disband us in the middle of the night - that was a surprise when I woke up....