Alliance Power Rankings 1-12.

I thought I'd give a view on who the true top 12 are in this world as of right now. This is based on performance and not just points. Feel free to share yours.

Week 1 Edition:

1) Zero Fox Given- "Omg you're so biased" Listen up, right now we own the top 15 players/attackers list. Are double the ABP of the next ranking alliance, who is also pretty solid, and 1500 average points ahead of the team with the second highest average. We haven't flopped out of the gate with our spread like a couple claimed we would and are gaining ground in our respective oceans. For now, that would warrant the top spot.

2) The Purge- I'd say these guys are pretty well rounded, very good average, strong coring, great players, 2nd in ABP and are pressing their claim to O44. It hasn't kicked off yet, but when it does the fight between Purge, plague, and ZFG may go down as one of the best in the history of the game.

3) ThePlague- You try holding that position between two of the top alliances. We could move a few other alliances on this into the exact spot and seem them unhinge by weeks end. I don't see that happening here.

4) BLACK ZONE CRUSADE- Earlier on I slated them as the underdog in O45, my opinion's changed there as they've begun to catch up in a short time. When the BP falls for them I expect them to duke it out and have a serious chance to push for O45.

5) It Burns When We Grep- Building on from BCZ, I originally had these guys slated as the guys to beat in O45. But they evidently couldn't make it through the week without making some mistakes. Burn is in a tough spot without shooting itself in the foot. There's some holes that start to appear once you get past its top players if BZC finds and exploits them, then it could get ugly. That said, this team could still show up and duke it out with quality rosters.

6) Knights of the Square Table- These guys still look rather unchallenged in their corner of O55 for now. It was tough with 3-5 because you could make the case that any of those teams should be in each others' spot. But right now these guys don't have much for an early test and should clinch early control of O55. They undoubtedly have the talented roster and deserve to be ranked among the top half of the 12 alliances for now.

7) Ares Warriors- I know a fair few names on this roster and they have a chance to do well. They are located in O44 but mostly north of purge/plague/ZFG. Meaning they can clinch north O44/O54 first before heading down. Consider AW to be a dark horse contender in the north and a for sure alliance of the future.

8) PRO SQUAD- This is more a compliment than an insult. They looked like they were going to get crushed and well, they are currently being crushed. But one of their newer leaders managed to reorganize this dumpster fire into forming some respectable resistance for an MRA. They know when to contest sieges and when to let them go. If they had cored better, they might have been a dark horse contender in another ocean like O55 and O45. But unfortunately the resistance seemed to have its limits as the sieges are piling up for them now and their troops/ships have run low. Truly hope the guy responsible for this sticks around and tries again in the rim.

9) InActive- Once again, an alliance of the future in the making perhaps. Not even being ranked in the top 12 IA is already 10th in ABP. Keep an eye on them.

10) Dark Wolves- Very top heavy, but appear to be defending well in their area and gradually expanding.

11) Justice League- We've begun to hit the point where I'm pretty much out of nice things to say. Growing okay for a new comer to the points top 12 I guess.

12) Dragonborn- Don't know a ton about them to be fair. But I know some about Orbis Unum and that's enough to give Dragonborn the nod for being a top ranked team at the moment.
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I heard InActive has a rule of Sim or be kicked. Is this true?
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Pretty good line up you posted, Though i dont entirely agree.

1.) ZFG - players do this on many worlds you guys always start strong you burst out of the gates in a good way but you guys never keep it. Having the alliance cap and being rank 1 isnt all that impressive, had you guys stayed your core group of what 70 people i would be a bit more impressed. I know i harp on you guys alot, you have some fantastic players but those fantastic players have a great record of leaving before a fight gets good. When the gold makes less of a difference run i guess

2.) The purge - This group is more or less my favorite team outside of my own. They are taking there time and doing it right with coring. They have a great location and great set of players in the ranks. I think these guys will eventually fight for that top rank with IBWWG.

3-4.)BZC - The core 31 players they brought will make for a great match, the people that got picked up are getting picked apart and taken with minimum effort. I think it will be a great fight but im not sure they will beat us.

3-4) It burns when we grep - Exit may be a "key player " but no single player makes the team. The guy is an animal but he is not the only beast on this team. We have a great position and well coordinated group. We are taking out some BZC players and having a great time. So far we haven't seen anything really from BZC, that will change and when it does my opinion might too If they live up to the reputation. Much respect to them though i talk to few people and have a city name chat with one they seem like fun/great people to have as an enemy.

5.) The plague - I dont know a whole lot about these guys so i guess i cant say much here but based on core / stats i think they will be a decent contender here for a while.

The rest are food


I don't think Pro Squad will last much longer. There's about a dozen who are actually trying to do good things, the rest are simmers. Our location is rough, with some of those dozen constantly bombarded by ZFG or The Purge. Feel bad for pink and grape, they put effort into trying to make something out of nothing. Just too much to handle in this environment with no support outside the few actual players.


ZFG- These guys have a decent roster, a lot of exeptional players they will go far but unless the individuals in the group prove their track record wrong I give the alliance 6 months before the s... hits the fan.

The Purge - Again, impressive roster, a solid amounts of proven fighters and good players...but the leadership is concerning. I know Ivan always does a great job but others(i dont want to name names) have ghosted and left because of internal stuff. Dont quote me on this but I believe this alliance will be a close contender for the winning spot if their leaders keep it together.

BZC- i love these guys. One of the best alliances ever made regardless of the outcome here in this world. They will have a challenge with Burns group by as it has been said before I personally believe that the winners of this world are coming out of 45.

It Burns- Part of this group. We have a really decent group of players and i think that this matchup between BZC and us is going to be crazy because we are 2 TEAMS facing off. It isnt everyday you see groups that work together really well face off in the opening months of a world. I say the winner is coming from 45 because usually fights like this happen just before WW time and mark my words whatever comes out of the chaos is gonna be a monster.

The Plague- tbh i dont get what the hype is about. These guys did not do ANYTHING in dimale until the last month before WW. They did NaPs with everyone while they fought it out amoungst themselves and then gathered the leftovers and won. They have good players like hinton, POJOOM, cheeky-boo, and bertie but to say they will succeed here based on their affairs in dimale is a terribly inadequate basis.