Top 12 Alliances Discussion


Ok, its pretty simple to do this. Write and give a comment about every Alliance in the top 12.

Heres the updated list.
Points Players Avg.point per player
1 Royal Tiger 777117 681 1141
2 Achaemenid Empire 418213 298 1403
3 Demon Law Breakers 391873 357 1098
4 Condemned 337500 358 943
5 Hades Warriors 220901 275 803
6 The Spartan Alliance 183915 185 994
7 Sands of Time 183150 209 876
8 Realm of Darkness 169353 246 688
9 Followers of Ares 167841 133 1262
10 Serpentine Medea 160458 57 2815
11 Death Knights 147643 200 738
12 GrepoHugs 130160 52 2503

I posted the points and numbers, but when you comment about them, just do it like this.

1 Royal Tiger Mra tribe, no comment, currently getting beat up by Grepohugs, and Serpentine
2 Achaemenid Empire Pretty good has potential
3 Demon Law Breakers Hurry up and disband
4 Condemned Pretty good alliance,
5 Hades Warriors My tribe, no comment
6 The Spartan Alliance No comment...
7 Sands of Time Looks decent
8 Realm of Darkness
9 Followers of Ares
10 Serpentine Medea
11 Death Knights
12 GrepoHugs
Gotta love the hugz :D

Ok, please stay on topic, and if you decide to debate over comments, do not flame.


1 Royal Tiger - kitties getting a beatdown.
2 Achaemenid Empire - will fail
3 Demon Law Breakers - why?
4 Condemned - also why?
5 Hades Warriors - will fail
6 The Spartan Alliance - not another Spartan alliance?!?
7 Sands of Time - won't last
8 Realm of Darkness - mass recruitmant
9 Followers of Ares - nope, fail
10 Serpentine Medea - success
11 Death Knights - fail
12 GrepoHugs - teh HUGS!


Points Players Avg.point per player
1 Royal Tiger - Do I Even need to post about these?
2 Achaemenid Empire - Not the best, not the worst either.
3 Demon Law Breakers - These still around?
4 Condemned - Has potential.
5 Hades Warriors - who?
6 The Spartan Alliance - not seen anything from these
7 Sands of Time - Just left this alliance. No one has a clue. Mass recruited.
8 Realm of Darkness - Fail
9 Followers of Ares - Phail
10 Serpentine Medea - Will be a major force in this world. Top 2 in a month. Top for BP
11 Death Knights - sandwiched between the 2 best alliances. Lucky guys.
12 GrepoHugs - Will share the #1#2 spot with SM.


I think Teh Royal Tigers will be number 1. ;) Oh and look, I was right :p


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I think that mostly the tribe rankings will stay the same, maybe grepohugs and serpentine medea might cause an alliance or two to crumble but apart from that I still think that RT will stay at the top.


Hi everyone!

Well,i don't believe in failing.But i do,i believe it will have some problems as it has.

True,Royal Tiger will be at best by inviting players,big and small.:eek:

P.S:I changed it.

Kind regards


Current top 12

Rank Name Points Players Player average points
1 Royal Tiger 820896 660 1244 - Recently had their leadership changed, or at least vocalised, and now seem to be very very slowly moving along the right path having decreased in numbers. What remains to be seen is if they can keep it up when conquers start flying.
2 Achaemenid Empire 430300 53 8119 Considering they started the first war of the server, theyve not really done much. I've had one rather whiny complaint from one of their high pointers about one of our members playing unfairly (i.e. buying premium ;) ) and other than that it's just been noobish action after noobish action.
I also think the ranking system may be bugged, I doubt they have 430k points over 50 members yet when their highest on their alliance page is currently at around 1600. Bloody maintanance

3 Demon Law Breakers 430279 364 1182 Who? I've seen nor heard anything from these guys except theyre in the collection of alliances that are at war with SM and GH. Likely wont be around more than a month or two, at least, not in the top spots.
4 Condemned 367822 334 1101 The only "mass" alliance that really holds any real grounds, although as to be expected with large numbers of players, no matter how active, the points average leaves a little to be desired. Very clustered group of individuals who will likely control the south-east.
5 Hades Warriors 252411 278 908 Who are these guys? Members = points alliance I think?
6 Realm of Darkness 201879 273 739 Never heard of these. Same as above.
7 The Spartan Alliance 194585 186 1046 Slightly better than the two alliances above due to fewer members and a better PA, but still rather quiet and subdued. Could be one to watch out for.
8 Sands of Time 192038 210 914 I dont expect these guys to stay in the top 12 too long, but theyve held their ground against the monstrous charge from SM.
9 Serpentine Medea 187878 59 3184 I'll try not to be biased. Small member base, high points average (Highest on the server), top in OD (Total and Attack)... One of the major forces to contend with, and I would like to see the arguments against that statement.
10 Followers of Ares 173339 127 1365 Last of the 4 "MRAs" to have declared war on SM/GH, but apparently, they haven't even confirmed to being part of that mass alliance. Not a bad PA, and actually a reasonable member base. Just need to pick up the pace a bit as they could do well.
11 SWAT 169931 304 559 I think I had higher points than their PA when I started on this server... Will stay high up for a while due to sheer numbers, but this will be a farm alliance for sure.
12 Death Knights 163739 199 823 Not sure what to say on this one, personally I think like Followers of Ares, these guys *could* be ones to watch for in the future, but they may have too many members and not enough players to really become a truely top alliance.

The other alliance of note would have to be GrepoHugs, currently sitting in position 13. I know its been run into the ground but these guys will be serious contenders for the number 1 spot soon. Similar to Serpentine, an aggressive alliance with a small but strong member base. Perfect for making farms of the others.
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1 Royal Tiger 823011 660 1247 'Yes. Very nice farms!'
2 Demon Law Breakers 431072 364 1184 'Will disolve over the coming week!'
3 Condemned 369459 334 1106 'Good Leadership! Will do well out on The Rims!'
4 Hades Warriors 253054 278 910 'Who are these jokers?'
5 Realm of Darkness 202722 273 743 'Again.. Who are these jokers?'
6 The Spartan Alliance 194939 186 1048 'Will probably keep going, but struggle badly!'
7 Sands of Time 192528 210 917 'Allied to Royal Tiger... need I say more?'
8 Serpentine Medea 188490 59 3195 'The true Rank 1 alliance of World Gamma!'
9 Followers of Ares 173718 127 1368 'There's potential, but I'll be seriously surprised if they keep a Top 10 position...'
10 SWAT 172234 306 563 'Possibly the worst alliance to date! A late starting, mass recruiting mess!'
11 Death Knights 164274 199 825 'This alliance could go either way...'
12 420s 157546 257 613 'The runners up for worst alliance to date!'
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Choco Loli

And then theres us in 13 or 14 going Possibly 2nd best here behind S&M or about the same -_-


1.Royal Tiger 957917 Points, 622 members, 1540 avg points: Definatly not going to hold No.1 spot for long once everyone begins to attack and conquer. may stay in top 12 but no chance of holding No.1
2.Demon Law Breakers 544083 Points, 384 members, 1417 avg points: Not sure but most likly to stay in top 12 for a while
3.Condemned 448553 Points, 316 Members 1419 avg points:Same as above
4.SWAT 280076 Points, 410 members, 683 avg points:Only one thing is Going to happen here FAIL!!!
5.Realm of Darkness 254809 Points, 296 Members, 861 avg points:Most likley to fail and disband or drop out of top 12 ranking for a long time
6.420s 253361 Points, 346 Members 732 avg points:Another fail alliance
7.Serpentine Medea 244248 Points, 58 Members, 4211 avg points:These guys are going to take No.1 spot regardless of what happens. Only threat to them at the moment is Possibly GrepoHugs. Easily one of the best aliances out there
8.Sands of Time 231751 Points, 204 members, 1136 avg points:i have no idea bout these guys, they could go good and secure a spot in the top 12 but it could go either way.
9.The Spartan Alliance 228281 Points, 195 Members, 1171 avg points:Same as above
10.Death Knights 194504 Points, 204 Members, 953 avg points:My alliance so no comment since it would just be biased
11.GrepoHugs 193816 Points, 53 Members, 3657 avg points: Definatly going to take No.2 second only to Serpentine Medea. Easlily one of the best alliances out there
12.Followers of Ares 181844 Points, 115 Members, 1581 avg points:Look pretty good. Wouldnt be suprised to see them in top 5


Rank..Name.......................Points.......Players......Average points
2.....Serpentine Medea......1940238....53.............36608
3.....The Illuminati............1653683....125...........13229
4.....Royal Tiger...............1627196....422...........3856
7.....Semper Fidelis..........1366548....170...........8039
8.....The Kings Blade........1235372....363...........3403
9.....Achaean League.......1200375....226...........5311
10....Force Recon............1181795.....61............19374
12....Hephaestuses Rage...968295......75............12911

i like the idea, here's today's stats :)
1. MRA, haven't heard much
2. Very good alliance, respect them very much
3. Potential to be good, but again, don't know much about them.
4. Tiger... good farms :)
5. 420's... need some more members for the 420 mark, but again, haven't heard much.
6. Huggin their way up to the top... good alliance, though ;)
7. Don't know much, don't seem to care... not too much of an MRA, but still seems to be one.
8. Never really heard of them or from them, don't look good at all though.
9. LOL. all i have to say. wonder what is going on with AL/DLB/ whatever they want to call themselves.
10. I'm biased on this one, others can post about my alliance. i personally like it :)
11. Doin quite well, good stats and some good players.
12. Risen what seems to be a fast pace, never really paid much attention to them, but they are ahead of SN now in points, don't know their power yet.


Looks to me like SM and GH are the real alliances in that server. Good job guys. The rest? meh.


I'd think that joining Gamma at this point would not be something I would consider fun when GH and SM avg pt is 36k.
It would be something like this:
"How fast do you want to become a farm?"
"Very fast, please"
"Then join Gamma now"
"Oh, Thank you sir, where do I sign up?"

I'll sit on the sidelines and wait to see a victor with interest.


I'd think that joining Gamma at this point would not be something I would consider fun when GH and SM avg pt is 36k.
It would be something like this:
"How fast do you want to become a farm?"
"Very fast, please"
"Then join Gamma now"
"Oh, Thank you sir, where do I sign up?"

I'll sit on the sidelines and wait to see a victor with interest.
Yeah. that's true ;)