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Since there has been a lot of trash talking going on, I'd thought I'd make a thread for it. Anyway, this thread will be for civilized discussion of the top 12 alliances and your views on them. :pro:
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I'll just make a list...

1 - Honour and Power - Well deserved, the best alliance by far at this point in the world.

2 - Immortals - MRA written all over them. Only one academy, but it already has almost 50 members too. They were number one for some time, but will be killed by Hap right after BP ends. They will be gone by mid-June.

3 - Black Templars - The biggest MRA I've ever seen. LOL. They have 3 academies, 4 days in. Really? Ask their founder if hes heard of a MRA. lol Will be taken down by FBRD in 44 and may stand in 54 for a little, as theres no one there. They don't desereve the number three slot.

4 - Immortals II - Immortals Academy - See Immortals

5 - Byzantine Empire - I don't know much about them, but their based in 55 with Hap and Immortals so they will be killed soon too.

6 - FireBreathingRubberDucks - Based in 44, in my rankings their #2 in the world (I'm in them so...)... No MRA here. They seem strong and will dominate in 44 because there is no competition except for Black Templars who are MRA and will be killed soon enough.

7 - Spartans - Don't really know much about them either... but, again, their in 55 and will be killed by HaP.

8 - Black Templars II - Black Templars academy (one of their 3 academies) - See Black Templars

9 - The Conquerers - Another alliance in 55. Maybe HaP can't take all these alliances on, and will end up in a pact with one, but I think that they can kill of them all... They look good enough, some big member, not a MRA.

10 - Brothers of War - This is one alliance that really is bad. MRA? Yes. Weak? Yes. Small? Yes. Wanna guess where they are? Yep, 55.

11 - Heroes of Olympus - Let me look in ocean alliances... Oh, Look! Their in 55. :)

12 - ELITE - I bet you don't know where they are. Ocean 55 again. Thats 8 of the top 12 alliances in 55...


Here's my list on the Top 12 Alliances of this moment
It could be right, it could be wrong. It's just my opinion of them all. And sorry for my English ;)

1 Honour and Power ~ I will not talk about HaP, since I'm one of them. I can only tell that I'm happy of how we are doing.

2 Immortals ~ Started strong with just the normal amount of players. Then made an Academy and poof, they were being hated by everyone. Though it's going to be hard, they will have a good chance if they work together.

3 Black Templars ~ An alliance who joined a bit later. 3 (or 4) Alliances in one, respect if they can keep it up when BP ends, I think it will be a mess.

4 Immortals II ~ See Immortal (Nr.2)

5 Byzantine Empire ~ An Alliance that didn't start so well in my opinion, but they fight back. They should only try to refresh their profile, since there are people who should be the Diplomat, but aren't even in the Alliance. Gives me a rather bad look at them.

6 FireBreathingRubberDucks ~ An Alliance who first gets the price for best Alliance name, very original! They seem to be a very solid and strong Alliance for me that will make things not easy for other Alliances. I don't mind on the rankings, since it doesn't say that much at all but they will be a Alliance to watch.

7 Spartans ~ Don't know much about this Alliance. I only think they recruit just anyone who is above 650 points. I'll see what they will do.

8 Black Templars II ~ See Black Templars (Nr.3)

9 The Conquerors ~ An Alliance who could be in our way (As a HaP member). They only seem a bit rubbish by the way they act, telling you that you can go in a pact with them if your have more than 15k points as Alliance.

10 Heroes of Olympus ~ Seems an Alliance who is going to grow, but will have a hard time.

11 Brothers of War ~ An Alliance were I almost ted in my pants when I saw them. They will get the trophy for having the most pacts definitely. They doesn't seem to have a lot actives and won't grow that much I think. I don't give this Alliance so long, but I hope they will stay here to make me laugh.

12 Tormenting Hellraisers ~ I don't know much about them, but what I see doesn't convince me they are or will be a very good Alliance.

I'm happy that there are a lot of Alliance who are close to each other, but I don't think they will all survive.


6 FireBreathingRubberDucks ~ An Alliance who first gets the price for best Alliance name, very original! They seem to be a very solid and strong Alliance for me that will make things not easy for other Alliances. I don't mind on the rankings, since it doesn't say that much at all but they will be a Alliance to watch.

That would be my alliance :)

Tormenting Hellraisers weren't there when I made my list, and now their #9. Growing fast, and still have 14 alliance spots to fill if they want.


Hi everyone,
I'm going to do like others here and give my personal opinions on these alliances, based on my own perceptions.

1- Honour and Power: Seems like a true and worthy alliance. I prefer to be on their good side. Nice and simple profile description "We fight like many" gives the sense that they will fight and not remain in the background. Be wary.

2- Black Templars I to IV: Pure MRA. Basically they will accept anyone and pact with everyone if they can. They are strong in building points and their current 4 alliances will dwindle to 2 alliances within a month and they will be persuaded to merge within another alliance within 2.5 months. Easy targets. They obviously have a really good recruiter lol.

3- Immortals I and II: They are also MRA, but not as bad as Black Templars. I believe they have good leadership, the profile description looks solid but in the end, right now they just have mostly building points and not so bad attacking points. In the end, it is frustrating and hard to run an MRA because your members don't participate the way they are needed and the overall experience of being able to defend your fellow members becomes very difficult. They will eventually revert to being just one alliance, too spread out and end up just being swallowed by another strong alliance.

4- Byzantine Empire: I like aggressive alliances, these are the types of alliances who win. They aren't completely MRA, but having 43 players this early, I suspect at least 75% to be noobs. Nothing wrong with noobs when there is good leadership, but the fact that this alliance is trying to attract more experienced members tells me is that they have too many noobs. However, fact remains that the main goal is to be aggressive. Aggressive alliances win, or get slaughtered because everyone else pacts against them. I give them good chances of remaining in the top 12 within the next couple of months.

5- FireBreathingRubberDucks: I love their profile pic and description. If I were to switch alliance, I would choose them. These guys know what they're doing. Within 2 months, they'll be in the top 3.

6- Spartans: Nice clean profile. Boring name, too common. Already have a brother alliance, which screams MRA. I have the impression they have intelligent leadership, but will accept anyone in their alliance and for that reason, will be swallowed by another alliance within 2.5 months.

7- Tormenting Hellraisers: Must be led by a Schizophrenia. Looking for crazy people to do crazy things. At least the leader has some originality with the profile description, but ... Hey he's here just to have fun ... You?

8- Vengeful Might: They have a nice tight core, leader seems just crazy enough to be able to lead this alliance somewhere. Not sure he'll be able to really on having friends outside of his alliance. Does not seem trustworthy and I have a funny feeling he might not think before acting, therefore bringing him and his alliance to a quick end. One month after BP ends, he will have brought down his own doom.

9- Liquid Propinquity: I love the description and motto "Expect us..". They give a scary impression and one to be wary of. Probably mostly experienced players and I would want to remain on their good side. This will be a top 5 alliance in the next 2 months.

10- Brothers of War: Blah blah.. Same old.. They are however a tight group which will help them while getting pounded by the others. The leader seems like he's leading his alliance in a democracy, meaning a lot of bureaucracy and long wait times for anyone who wants anything to do with them. In the long run, the leadership will fail because the alliance will be in search of a leader, one person to make quick decisions. I mean, he even needs help to know if he wants to accept someone in his alliance or not, is everything being put to the question? Dead within 1.5 months.

11- Heroes of Olympus: Leader seems to be a goody goody. Are you a hero? We protect each other .. Not too much word of attacking. Seems to be a turtle alliance. They will resist until they get swallowed up, I give them max 3 months.

12- The Conquerors: Not impressive. They will pact with any alliance over 15000 points. They will accept anyone who knows how to build, so qualification = 800 points. My impression is that the leader is inexperienced and must be 85% noobs. Easy targets.

So that's about it for now.. I guess I'll follow up in a couple of weeks to see how my predictions pan out. I'll certainly be in touch with some of you by then and we can get together and party! We'll have a blast, literally.


I mostly agree to your top 12, and I'll probably end up making another one tomorrow or the next day.....


This will get more interesting once protection ends. The small alliance cap should promote the possibility of a lot more fighting.


Here's to long nights and no sleep! Long live the warriors of Omega who have come to fight again


curious if anyone else has some top 12s to add.. would love other opinions.


Controversial top 12

1 Honour and Power:- Glory seeking, point whores, will do well but will eventually get bored and quit the world. When they have competition for the milestones and then that thread will die

2 Black Templars:- The alliance that everyone will wipe from the world as soon as BP ends

3 Immortals :- Another MRA that will probably get targeted, better location than Black Templars though
4 Immortals II:- As above,

5 Tormenting Hellraisers:- good location on the rim, but boredom may take hold if more people don't join the world, my prediction to do well if they carry on until wonders, always rate Rim alliances to win the worlds, if they get tactics right

6 FireBreathingRubberDucks:- good name but I heard they are all ugly ducklings except for there leader, I know they are not taking it serious,

7 Byzantine Empire:- every world you go in, there is one of these, sit there don't do much eventually fade away scattered in 55,

8 Spartans:- yawn another boring name, boring profile, with a sister alliance, nicely grouped together though, could do well

9 Black Templars IV:- Losing the will to live with this
10 Black Templars II:- now getting suicidal, seriously!!

11 Vengeful Might:- Might be vengeful, but there profile makes me sleepy, good location, could see them fighting tormenting hellraisers and the winner of that battle winning the world

12 Liquid Propinquity:-not sure on this alliance, they seem in a good location nicely positioned, but there profile seems
un-finished, expect us......(to what)? Fail, merge, cry shout?


oooh wow.. looking forward to see how this turns out.
I like both HaP and FBRD as alliances.
Are you going to be friendly towards each other or not?