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so much.... well so much death :D

Nice OP on them I must say...great results.


MK can you explain what you mean by

"They have earned their #11 rank, but nothing more and they need to consider that they are so far from action that they may be fighting the wrong enemies. I will leave it at that." Not really sure what your point is if you're not in the core it doesn't make sense to try and drive into the core making yourself surrounded on all sides surely all allys that are formed later on will build a base on the rim before moving anywhere. Not criticising just curious what your point is.


#13 Dogs of Platoon

Stats: #13 in points and #18 in ABP, #17 in DBP, # 18 for Overall Fighting! Nice small up and comer.

These hardcore fighters are showing their stuff and are worthy of mention. I think they could end up doing alright over time.

Lol no they ain't there getting Beaten down and there bloody turtle's they will fall and be forgotten like DS will be soon.

All thou I more fondly remember it as Noble Griffins when they still had a Future that was masterfully ended in one day.


I am pretty sure that MK has stopped playing now. Judging by his grepointel and the fact he does not open his mail. What a warrior, huh..


Well, hopefully he'll come on here to make a farewell post. Most of his cities are under siege so I doubt he's going to have much to say in-game anymore.


Lol, that old man was an idiot from the start of this world.