Alliances left in Delos


So c,mon guys lets get this moving. what does the server think of whats left in Delos, yes we have some decent alliances left and yes there will be a few good battles left to fight but where does it look like the server is going next.
I am still waiting for the next large MRA to pop up and challenge the smaller alliances. So come on lets get guessing the world away. Don't hold back if you think an alliance doesn't cut the rough then say so but make sure you give a reason why.


1. ExD Renegade: Strong and big. They've proved themselves to be strong. Their size might cause some problems but other than that their fine.
2. CL: Right now their not fighting anyone special. (I'll talk about DI in a minute.) CL is just growning and unless they do something ballsy/stupid CL will just keep growing.
3. DI: Once #1 now #3. Soon as 4 alliances teamed up on them it was all over. Tey might have a few good members left abd their core is still untouched so they will be here for sometime. Also from what i can tell DI is taking some Aurora cities. If i were them i would make friends with Aurora as they are the only group of guys not attacking them.
4. EoD: These guys are tough and taking DI cities like there is no tomorrow. ( That isn't too hard anymore though ;) )
5. [Entry not found]
6. LoW: There really is only about 15 good nd tough guys in this alliance. The rest of them are just sitting back and playing sim cities in the southern oceans.
7. Aurora: Im surprised their still around
8. A.T.L: Small alliance with a decent average score. I hope they grow.
Anything below i not worth writing about.


1 ExLD Renegades--My alliance, position speaks for itself thats all i will say. (Was here before the merge, just in case).
2 Centauri League--Slowly gathering speed, decent alliance and decent leaders.
3 Delos Imperium--Have known some of these guys since Epsilon server, don't know whats going on in there but they are losing cites
4 Empire of Death--These guys are the cream they talk just as well as they fight, part of the allied group and will keep battling.
5 MANOWAR--Strange lot ,am not going to talk them down, One of there leaders likes to talk rubbish and this will be there downfall
6 League of Warriors--Sorry can't say to much, i know they are hiitng a couple of the top 10 alliances so can't be to bad.
7 Aurora--These guys were left when they became a non fighting force they started great but lost out fighting LD/ER early doors.
8 A.T.L.S.--These guys are whats left of DEW they seem to have learnt a bit of a lesson with their size, to early yet to comment
9 World Heroes-- Possibly the next MRA they are pulling in to may weak members to be a force.
10 Silent assassins--No idea, this says everything.

These are my views and nothing to do with my alliance.