Top 12 Alliances of Methone


Any good alliances in o54. Coming back to the game. Played under different names and not looking for a MRA. Can move to pretty much any core ocean. Thanks. Same name as ign shoot me a message if so.

King Soos

1. Ronin - Diplomacy: Formally surrender to Ghost67 - I remember few years ago this nub attacked me with swords, afterwards being rimmed. They choose noobs ocean44, fighting with inactives so far Sink

2. Incognito - Random jokes with external spamer KingMoly in front, probable disband before even start any real wars.. they don't use alarm, so free to go for easy bps. Sink

3. Alien Sheep - MRA garbage with inexperienced leadership, I will take them out solo since they are in my waters Sink

4. -RF- - russian bots #1 fighting with internals, 3 already attakable banned Sink

6. Envenom - wtf with name? wnb oldschools lol Sink

7. VIRUS - russian bots #2 (Crazy bears are #3), good position if they will not stop boting before gold ends they will be banned or other nubs make coalition against them and rim them out, like it was worlds before.. Sink

8./9. Mad Hatters MRA garbage with princess Kuini in front, always same scenario - Sink

10. Rebels - started promising, but inexperienced leadership drives them in 2 ocaens in result they cannot take care of their sieges - gonna be eated by russians Sink
says the person who has never lasted more than afew weeks in any world lool
even PG is respected more than you

princess Kuini

Just have to say, again Kurbs has his panties tied around the wrong set of nuts, (again).. Hatters is nothing to do with Head Hunters and secondly not my alliance, not my founding.. Wish people would get their facts straight before opening their "pie holes".
Nice un-biased top12 Notmad..

You must need more sleep Kurby.


Lol your post don’t even make no sense xD
Please quote the text concerning (suggestion next time take the city before) I am bragging about on forums (lol xD)
Giving someone a Hard time does not mean we took or are going to take, simply as written Giving Hard Time

Thanks in advance showing me my error


I will not take the time to do an entire top 12, since I have already done one, but I will comment on those around me since that is who I deal with.

8) Envenom - They will be falling apart soon probably. Some good players, but mass recruited everyone and anyone to fill numbers. I don't agree with that approach and don't think it ever works out. They are losing the majority of their fights, but at least they have helped me with a little project I am working on currently. I appreciate them helping me but sadly I still can tell this alliance will be sinking. Sink

9) Neighborhood Delinquents - Another group near me, fighting envenom I think? Had huge hopes for them, they have a great core of players but I stand by what I said earlier. Minimum 50% of that alliance is a complete risk to be playing with. You're only as good as your weakest link, and they are surrounding their top players with complete deadweight. Sure, they have good players. But how do you defend 20+ players who are deadweight players being dragged along? They are a complete risk to be had. Good alliances who fight them will pick apart these deadweights and jump right into their core islands. Hell, if I had support I would be on their core islands already. I just put 2 of their players in siege today, 1 of them already kicked, and I am 1 player. Bad outweighs good in this game, and sadly that means the good players will be brought down and sink. I do hope I am wrong, but I have seen this card many times. This alliance is exactly what I would tear apart if I had a crew around me, because of how much food they have. Sink

FYI: I have no personal distain for either of these groups, purely saying this all from first hand experience fighting them. I have one of their cities in siege already, and the player was just kicked from ND. This is exactly what will sink ND, and what I tried warning about earlier.

I am only 1 player, -RF- will have a field day if they choose to. This player was apart of ND before being kicked, and there are others like him.



1 Ronin
stinks stinks stinks :mad::mad::mad:, gold diggers

2 Incognito
we are kangzz :cool::cool::cool::cool:

3 Alien Sheep

4 Mad Hatters
to much hate

5 -RF-

6 Crazy bears
suka blyat, rush b


8 Envenom

9 Neighborhood Delinquents
keep the promise :confused::oops:

10 Rebels

11 Head Hunters
free bp :D, they are around my cities, when will they take my cities soon enough?, as they promised me over private messages. :eek:

12 Simbom
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