Top 12 Alliances of Zancle


MyLittleUnicorns Guide To The South West Rim

Thought I would add to Slims top 12 and talk a little bit about the south west rim as its a lovely little nirvana in this world :)

South West Rim Map:


If I did this a couple of months ago the list would be far larger than what it currently is but player numbers have slimmed down and the major factors are shining through.

5. Noble Intentions - These guys had a rough start to the world and most of them have gone through multiple alliances which have collapsed one after another. From Alpha Omega to Ravens Republic to Noble Intentions suggests the history doesn't look good but they have managed to come through and somewhat strongly. Due to the recent merge between NI and The Chosen both of their long games have had to be changed and BP has had to be found due to their complete control of the western side of the south west rim and so due to recent events a war has just about broken out between NI and DF (the two big dogs of the area) With NI apparently taking an early lead of 5-1. Currently own both o36 and o35 and are looking fairly strong. They will swim/float through the next 2-3 months.

9. Drunken Farmers - My personal little pals over in o36, they came from a rather humble start, originally being called De Beer Clan after their founder. Their game plan revolved around taking down EE. Pacts were made on either side with both Avernus and The Chosen in order to assist them with their war. Eventually you can say they won when EE crumbled under the strain due to differing opinions within the leadership and so Drunken Farmers swiftly took control of the ocean 46 picking up some of the smaller EE players. But due to their pacts being on both sides they didn't have a reliable enough source of bp and so the choice had to be made between Avernus and TC. They eventually decided on TC due to increasing hostilities between the two. War broke out and like I said above NI took the early lead. From the rumours I have caught here and there, things may be on the down for them so ill give them a float into a rapid sink within a month or two.

15. Impervious Bustards - We are the final remnants of EE consisting of about 5-7 active useful players. We originally stuck together to see what would happen after our fall and see if any alliances would pick up the slack. Our decision is still yet to be made between which alliance to join but we are currently working alongside DF and the bp has been nice. After the recent collapse of Phalanx we picked up some of the ex-underground members as well but really not all that much is happening for us currently as we are still working our way through the inactives. Things will definitely liven up when we choose our side but until then we will float (hopefully ;) ).

3. The Peaky Blinders/The Dark Exile - These alliances are both situated right on the rim and so comparing them to the rest is a bit unfair. They both have respectable control of their respective oceans and I hope they come through as good alliances to liven up this area again. They will both float for a bit then either merge into one of the alliances above or get eaten by them.


Only really one of these.

NI vs DF & TPB

All in all things are still quite dull down here but with wars slowly starting to happen it might turn into an interesting fight and I wish the best to all the alliances I have mentioned. See you on the battle fields guys! ;)
I think you should do a top 12 now

Slim Shaddies

Slim I think that we can establish that at least one of these smaller rim alliances will swim and be a threat at WW stage.
Will some of them make it to WW era? probably, will they be a threat? not a chance, just as an example two alliances had a second top 12 alliance merg into them Noble Intentions absorbed The Chosen and Prometheus absorbed Banter Squad and they only jumped to 4th and 5th in the rankings. In the past a large merger like that would have jumped an alliance at least into the top 3 (example THE APOSTLES took the 3rd sport after their merger) now however even huge mergers can't make smaller alliances catch up to the top 3, Noble Intentions and Prometheus are still 2 million points behind the top 3 alliances after their mergers.

With the way rim alliances are going thus far I would say the biggest 'threat' they pose is possibly using their isolated locations to try and construct a wonder and be an annoyance for alliances in a position to win the world.


New idea because this thread is becoming boring, say who is going to win WW. You may not say your alliance; so if you think you're going to win it, say who is going to get second.

Brandr Usur

14 months from now until WW, which will most likely speed up along the way. I'm guessing it'll take another year or so.


do I have to spend that whole time moderating you lot?
Well world wonders have to do with the top 12 alliances of Zancle. The top 12 alliances will need to get a lot of points so that we may get to world wonders so we are predicting when the top 12 alliances will be strong enough for us to unlock WW


yeah I know my question was do I have to moderate you lot until WW because that sounds annoying.


Sorry this has changed the subject of WW, but I just noticed something that amazed me

Avantia - 18th place - 185 members

Impervious Bustards - 16th place - 30 members

Wow just wow. Also credit to ST1 for 6th place with 56 members, I know a lot of people are attacking them, but I love a tight group with a small amount of players that can show on the leaderboards. I'm not a big fan of bustards, but they really showed Avantia how much do an MRA they are.