Top 12 Alliances of Zancle


Hey, I'm not one of them, but back off a bit, yeah? If they choose to use pacts to get the top and stay there, who are we to question that if it works? Can't fix something that's not broken. And diplomacy is kinda useful, in fact. Maybe you should look up the meaning. Here's a link:


I'm not sure how I'd feel, if i were in most of these alliances that are around us. The pacts and merges seem to be of little to no value at all. It would seem neither Rhinovirus nor IO have any real desire to work as a team. It seems rare when any one of them come to each others aid. Classic case was earlier when I landed a cs on an IO city. I almost thought someone was going to help as one person immediately launched multiple attacks on my siege, but then remarkably, withdrew all attacks and left the poor sucker to fend for himself. So, rather than having multiple early hits on a siege and 'maybe' have a chance to do something, this fellow teammate left the victim to himself, thus losing nearly 2k ls since the ls attacks were late enough after the siege that the harbor became safely stacked up.

You all may as well save yourself all the hassle and just rage quit now.


Another SIX MONTH look back:

Time for a top 12.... my first ever one, so you can crucify me if ya like... I will just go back to being a happy lurker who occasionally pops up on the forums ;)
I am not connected with any of the top alliances, so this is an objective viewpoint purely based on previous server experiences.... apologies if I get any "facts" wrong, feel free to correct me!

1. Imperial Order, 26 million pts
Average points: 162000 pts
ABP rank 1
DBP rank: 1

On paper they look strong... rank 1 for everything. They have some very good players, no denying that, and their core remains very strong. However have they peaked too soon? My experience is "rank 1" doesn't mean "the best", it means the bullseye is now on you and you are the alliance all the others go to war against. They are fighting Triad (42-148), DF (4-62) and Hydra (109 - 25)... and to my knowledge their only top 5 ally is Prometheus. The heavy losses against Triad and DF can partly be explained by recruitment choices, leaving many vulnerable cities a distance from their core.... but what effect will this have on overall alliance morale?? Is war against all of the other top 4 alliances sustainable long term? Time will tell. Their future success largely depends on diplomacy / strategic calls... merge with Prometheus would still leave them in a strong position.

2. Triad, 21 million pts
Average 224000 pts
ABP rank 2
DBP rank 3

The strongest team on the server from the very beginning, with the highest player average - they have been fighting wars on multiple fronts since the very start and are yet to be truly challenged. Very strong contenders to win the server, and I imagine they intend to win it all by themselves.... which would be a very impressive achievement. However, will it be a case of "the tortoise and the hare"... and will overconfidence be their downfall on a server they believe is theirs to lose? They are doing very well against IO... but consequently allowing DF to go from strength to strength. At what point do they turn their attention to DF? Triad vs DF is inevitable at some point.... and will be epic.

3. Hydra, 17 mill pts
Average: 156000 pts
ABP rank 3
DBP rank 2

Hydra started very strongly, but have had a tough time of it over the summer. Fighting wars on multiple fronts, they have been significantly down against both IO and Prom. However their core remains strong with some decent players, and they are pacted with Triad, so that's one less major war they don't have to worry about. They have some solid pacts, and it will be interesting to see if they can start to turn the tables now the war with Public Enemy has come to an end. They will be here to the end-game, but at present seem to be in the weakest position of the top 4.

4. Drunken Farmers, 16 million pts
Average: 138000 pts
ABP rank 5
DBP rank 6

This alliance continues to go from strength to strength - an extremely impressive rise up the rankings, and full credit to the leadership team for that, who seem strong, organised and know exactly what they are doing. They have emerged as very strong contenders to win this server, with a great location for WW. They have been very impressive against IO... although am guessing they are largely taking IO outliers away from IO's core (correct me if am wrong). ABP and DBP is not as high as I would expect, which tells me they are yet to be truly challenged. War with Triad is inevitable..... and will be make or break.

5. Prometheus, 14 million points
Average: 90 000 pts
ABP rank 4
DBP rank 5

I know very little about these guys, they have always been solid in the rankings since the start. They continue to have satisfactory ABP / DBP for their ranking. They are doing well against both Hydra and ED (and whatever other minor wars they are fighting), though are otherwise not involved in any other major wars. I cannot see them winning this server by themselves, but a IO / Prom eventual merge would put them in a strong position... if that is the long-term plan.

6. Rhinovirus 10 million points
Average 74000 pts
ABP rank 8
DBP rank 10

Another alliance I don't know a huge amount about, they appear to have some good players and have been around awhile, but who are they actually fighting? The ABP / DBP rank tells its own story... they clearly are only fighting minor wars, and as earlier posts have said, they are "sitting on the fence" when it comes to the big alliances. Would they survive against the top 4? Unlikely, tho at present, luckily for them, the "big boys" are focused on each other. however I cannot see them surviving if they got involved in a major war, as they are yet to prove themselves.... but will be around for awhile yet

7. Avernus, 9 million pts
Average: 94000 pts
ABP rank 6
DBP rank 8

Doing Ok in their war against NF, and reasonably well against PB, tho they probably haven't had the success they expected themselves. They continue to have nice ABP for their size. Did they pick the "right" pact to drop? Time will tell.... Very strong pact with LoW, and they will be around awhile... but will be heavily reliant on a merge to stand any chance long-term. They would struggle fighting any of the top alliances, and future diplomatic choices will be absolutely key.

8. Nameless Faction, 9 million points
Average: 76 000 pts
ABP rank 7
DBP rank 7

My alliance, so wont say much. Very successful against PE, and have recovered from early losses against AV to 17-17 at last count, which pretty much completely sums up the NF vs AV / LoW war... an evenly matched contest. Making the right strategic calls here will be the difference between the 2 sides, and NF will only get stronger now that war with PE is over. However, just like AV, we aren't involved in any of the major wars of the top alliances, and future chances of winning the server very much depend on long-term diplomacy.

9. Don't Panic, 6 million pts
Average: 65000 pts
ABP rank 11
DBP rank 15

I know virtually nothing about this alliance. They don't have great fighting stats for their size, and like Rhinovirus don't seem to be involved in any major wars. Cant see them featuring much long-term if they got involved in a proper war.

10. Elements of Destruction, 5 million pts
Average: 51 000 pts
ABP rank 10
DBP rank 9

Out on the rim, they are now mainly fighting Prom with the recent collapse of PE, plus other minor alliances. Satisfactory ABP / DBP for their size, and they have solid pacts in place, so will be around awhile

11. Peaky Blinders, 2.8 million pts
Average 32 000 pts
ABP rank 12
DBP rank 11

Out on the rim, they declared war on Avernus as they had no one to fight... only to find that DF then dropped the pact against them. Fighting hard but heavy losses now against both DF and AV, sadly this can only go one way

12. League of Warriors 2.4 million points
Average: 53 000
ABP rank 18
DBP rank 21

Small alliance by choice out on the rim, they have a few very experienced fighters and are not to be underestimated. However their ABP / DBP rank is a lot lower than I thought, which shows they have not actually been doing a huge amount of fighting. They are working very closely with AV against NF, and will merge with Avernus at some point in the future... so see the write up above for AV.

This should get some discussion going anyway, am just being honest, simply my point of view!
Arowyn / Katala

Who would have guessed at the current unfolding of the "not Triad" teams? I have asked the God of the Oracles to see if alliance collapses and mergers can be detected through data changes. If so, start looking for some new Tavern Rumors.
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although that Oracle feature sounds awesome I must note that you are basically talking to yourself right now lol.