Top 12 Alliances - Opinions


Yeah. I've been very busy with Grepolis and real-life. I'll update the general opinions in the main post later today (hopefully)


1 Tiger Blood 285870 47 6082
2 The Nightmare 261972 41 6390
3 Dukes 225610 48 4700
4 The Syndicate 201060 43 4676
5 Force 179784 29 6199
6 Octavian Vanguard 168220 48 3505
7 Revenge of The Clocks 167839 22 7629
8 Wolf Pack INC 164174 44 3731
9 Black Assassins 160475 46 3489
10 Pericles Vanguard 159892 45 3553
11 Shadow Guards 155043 44 3524
12 The Gunslingers 152036 36 4223

1. Tiger Blood- Solid ABP for their size. Located in O44 so at some point you have to expect them and ROTC to run into each other. Unsure of who they are fighting right now but definitely seem to be winning. I'd say they'll be in the top spot for a while.

2. The Nightmare- Based in O54. Good ABP and Good DBP. Obviously fighting someone. My guess is the Dukes. I recognize some of these names. Seems to have good leadership and pretty good organization. I think though that they need to start cutting the dead weight. Other than that I think they will be around for a while.

3. The Dukes- Based in O54. Good ABP and DBP. I'm convinced that they are at war with Nightmare (feel free to confirm or deny). Only one or two names I recognize. Not a great player average but it's still to early for that. I'll have to watch where they go from here.

4. The Syndicate- Based in O44? Good ABP and no DBP to speak of. I'm curious if they have been tested by a real alliance yet. I don't see this alliance going anywhere. Will be gone within a month IMO.

5. Force- Based in O55. IMO the tops of this world. Some names I know. Great ABP and solid DBP. They've been on top since right after the start. This alliance is going nowhere but up.

6. Octavian Vanguard- Based in.....Wow one of four branches? Come on guys. It's time to trim the fat. Bad ABP and Bad DBP makes me wonder if they are playing Sim City. :pro:

7. Revenge of the Clocks- My own alliance so I'll try to keep this neutral. Had some issues at the start of the world and had to sort out what players were staying in this world and who wasn't. Pretty much got that figured out now. Number 2 ABP and Number 1 DBP. Just shot up the ranks. Good group of guys. Not going anywhere.

8. Wolf Pack INC- Not really sure what ocean they call home. Kind of split up by ROTC. Some members way out in 44 and some in the core on 44/45 border. Poor leadership from my experience and just in a bad location. Decent ABP and Good DBP. I think this alliance will dissolve or merge within a month.

9. Black Assassins- Based in O43. Don't know anything about this alliance. Ok ABP. No DBP. Won't say anymore as I don't know them. We'll have to see what they do.

10. Pericles Vanguard- See Number 6 ranking

11. Shadow Guards- Based in O45. Good ABP. Seem to have a couple good players and the rest are just fodder. Been on the receiving end of some of their Ops and they are good but not great. Be interested to see where they go from here.

12. The Gunslingers- Based in O34. Not sold on this alliance. I think if you take away there top player from their ABP it cuts in half. The rest of the alliance needs to pick up the slack and follow his lead. Should stay around for a while as they are in a good location.

Feel free to comment. I love a good debate.


Share your instincts and logic, why do you make this assumption? =)
Agreed. I'd love to hear why you think that. Nevermind the fact that ROTC is in the SE corner of 44 and TG is based in 34 with no near cities....


it looks like TG doesn't like ROTC from after there last name. Though TG might be to far away to start a war they're clearly working to get closer.


Dont worry your not the first that cant see awesomness.