Top 12 Alliances


Nothing wrong with a little banter, gents. Lighten up :)

Top 12
1. Wolf Pack - Decent average points, nice ABP, but very little DBP. Shows no competition in their ocean, these guys will excel. Some power players there too.
2. Blue Dawn - So/so average, so/so ABP, little DBP. Tough ocean they are in though. They will struggle when the majority gets conquest.
3. BoA - My alliance, no comment. out :)
4. The Precedence - SO/so average, but ranked #7 in ABP, again very little DBP. I notice some players in here and potentially dangerous. Seems like an easy ocean too...
5. Sumus Aeterni - Pretty good average, 4th in ABP, and 14th in DBP. Not much competition in 54 besides them...interesting to see if they can pull through
6. Sons of Sparta - Ewwww...a Rim MRA. No hope here.
7. Roman Pacifists - Ahhhh, the highly debated point whore lives here. Can one man do it? I can say that I, personally, would not want to go against them. Don't focus on their one high point player....the rest of them are very dangerous as well. Steer clear.
8. Bones O War - On the bad average side, lower on ABP, and good amount of DBP. These guys won't be here outside of 3 weeks.
9. Knights of Glory - Horrible average. Another Rim MRA.
10. Imperium Red Guard - So confident in their abilities that they are already actively recruiting in 2 oceans. Bad average and low on both sides of the BP scale....I wonder if they realize this is a war game?
11. Shadow Guards - Ehhhh....bad average, recruiting in 3 oceans. Could have been something great given some of the players there, but I fear they have no hope.
12. Nike - Auto fail. They gave Crambone leader rights.........


1Day a Smurf appeared - Yeah, these guys are going nowhere.


Take two for me:

1. Wolf Pack: Great job so far, like I said in my other post best position of all of the alliances. If I was in there ocean I would love to be a part of these guys.

2. Blue Dawn: meh, pretty spread out, with 70% in 55 and 30% in 44.

3. Brotherhood of Anarchy: Good job -Spyder-, 50th times the charm? Anyways, most successful premade by TC0 (-Spyder-) I've ever seen.

4. The Precedence: Seem pretty strong, my old alliance was pacted with them and they never did anything incredible. But overall will succeed. At least for now.

5. Sumus Aeterni: Personally don't like them (because they invited me and then withdrew it later claiming that I used "unfair tactics" in my gameplay). But they are a great alliance and will do well. I expect to be rimmed by these guys when conquest gets big.

6. Sons of Sparta: no comment

7. Roman Pacifists: 2nd only to Wolf Pack in most overused name in Heraklion's top 12. Pretty good average and good bp, watch out for these guys.

8. Bones O War: Don't really no much about these guys.

9. Knights of Glory: Again, don't know much.

10. Imperium Red Guard: Have a friend in this alliance and they seem pretty strong. Have the determination to do well.

11. Shadow Guards: My own alliance, we are the ones who are loading up DoB with dBP and bringing them down in the rakings, we aren't hopeless.

12. Nike: MRA.


The Roman Pacifists would still be a great alliance without their top player. They have a good leader *wink* and some very experienced members.

They will probably rise to the top 3 quickly when conquering starts.

Ford Prefect

This is the list top 12 alliance by score, with an additional peice of info - ABP per member. Really speaks for itself.

Wolf Pack116901747473101
Blue Dawn10969179246731
Brotherhood of Anarchy1042675811201193
Sumus Aeterni10068661503483
The Presedence9956271293941
Roman Pacifists92894526152118
Sons of Sparta925858187111
Knighs of Glory880767996412
Imperium Red Guard868997396412
Bones of War8677965216733
Shadow Guards8282269154422

[td]ABP per member[/td]


That's not entirely accurate. SA absorbed another alliance, and when that happens their abp is not added to the alliance abp. So our average abp is understated, others might be as well you should make sure to account for this next time.


Mr. Mu (August)
My turn!

1 The Precedence

Not a horrible average, but could definitely improve, especially for a number 1 alliance.

2 Byzantine Empire

Best average out there, and catching up to first place fast!

3 Wolf Pack

A couple good players in there, like Ford Prefect, but they have a few players dragging them behind.

4 Roman Pacifists

Mostly held together by one player.

5 Sumus Aeterni

Again, a couple players dragging them back.

6 Legio IX


7 Sons of Sparta


8 Brotherhood of Anarchy

Spyder's best premade yet. See them in the top ten in the long run.

9 Imperium Red Guard


10 Knights of Glory


11 Shadow Guards

Again, MRA.

12 Bones O War

I recall them, I think on another server. Looking a bit MRAish.

In the long run, I only see the Byzantine Empire, Roman Pacifists, Brotherhood of Anarchy, and Wolf Pack.


Just look at their profile. You will figure it out if you actually take the time.