Top 12 Alliances


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Here is Classic Top-12

1 Space Invaders 22,800,265
Yep, they are number one and have some really good players, but i want to say there is a tons of simmers (?), who has 500k+ points just because they were here from the very first day. Check this out: What do you see? How many players have ABP? And Polish Legion, despite N2 in points, they get ahead in ABP. I believe, this guys nothing but old tired simmers, except 5-10 players. Maybe they are turtled up? And feared by Polish and Harpoon. But anyway this is real contender for WW, because of south-east wars.

2 Polish Legion 19,634,928
Oh, N1 in ABP,despite not huge points, what else to say? They are bloody fighters. They have a tons of good players and great team work to attack, attack, attack. And need to say, their leadership really smart. Just when they get outnumbered bc of merge Juggernaut and Space Invaders, they have regrouped and got bp from #1 Merge ally, and made new slots for easy takeovers from Vanguard and whatever else in deep west. But now, they are back as attackers, they are almost rimmed Omnia Mors and Tigers, will see who else they will destroy. Probably the most respectfull alliance on server and the main contender for WW.

3 Zombie Elite Pirates 18,925,251
Well, they have had turbulent times, because of activity problem and still some big players on VM (forever?). But they are on the road (in the water) yet. They got the first real fight against Slackers and was winners, but then some players jumped to enemies. Maybe they became better without traitors and inactives. But it still young alliance and next 2 months will give us the answer if they will be contender for WW, either merge to someone. Anyway, they have a good south location and they will play their cards.

4 Slackers 18,362,938
I think once they will get tired to be in shadow of SI, they will have many new friends and also they should fix their's relations with 2F2H and Pirates (love Triangle). Once Slackers, 2f2h and Pirates will understand that and make it right, they will turn to real contender as SI and Polish. Friendship SI and Slackers - profitable for SI only, and war Slackers vs Pirates vs 2F2H - profitable for SI and Polish, and wasting of time for all 3 lovers. Just check out ABP on grepostat? What will you see? Compare activity from those 3 alliances (Slacks, 2f2h, zep) and SI activity? Since i don't see any success for any side in that war. They could have south and east and became #1 contender, but today they prefer to be in a shadow of SI... Deep secret is: maybe Slackers know it and that's why they recruiting on the left and right...but shhhhhh

5 HARPOON 16,651,591
This is alliance - surprise. Doesn't matter who and what have to say, they get tons cities out of #1 alliance. And they have a great leaders Stirlo and Christov, plus nice north location. I don't know about their's relation with Polish, but if they have a nap (pact) - that could be profitable for both sides. Will see, what is about activity in a long-term. But today they are doing good. But I can't say more, since I'm biased here.

6 2 Freaky 2 Handle 13,921,275
And again, they have a some good players, but during to location they can't be contender for WW alone. Maybe they are like to just a fight? Will see, territorially and historically they are close to Pirates. I don't know why they didn't merge yet? But who knows what is their's relations with SI?

7 Cerberus 13,142,157
SI academy. What else to say? Big guys will jump to SI couple weeks before WW will start, and small guys get nothing finally.

8 Criminally Insane 12,364,379
Oh, here is a strange alliance. I know nothing about them. I think their's big players will jump to someone close to WW time. This is source of big players.

9 Polish Legion II 9,994,317
Sister Polish Legion

10 The Vanguard 9,230,229
The pretty same situation, as Criminally Insane. Bytheway, maybe if they merge, they could be a power? But I dont know what their relations is?

11 Slackers II 8,909,209
Slackers sister alliance

12 Relentless 4,779,487
Sister alliance to Criminally Insane? But why? CI not so big to have a sisters...So i think this is another alliance.
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and also, its ZEP/GEP and 2Freaky VS slackers in the south (freaks and zep work together)... and i think for now we're winning, and will continue to do so, 2freaky are turtled up, with the usual attackers, but they're very predictable.

Zep/Gep no real threat we've taken over 75, pushing them out of 76 and 66... although 66 is going to be a challenge due to freaks supporting Zep and vica versa, so 66 will be a good little war zone


to frankie, now get to the point please... with the real story LOLzzzz!!!


yeah seem freaks and pirates merged to create a horrendous named alliance lol it hurts to mutter the name i call them 2F2P .... i personally thought it was a new robotic character in the new star wars movie lol