Top 12 Alliances


without a paddle - formerly called the federation, these guys have fought nemesis and vengance and did fairly well. Not sure how well they would survive a fight against a larger alliance, they have a fairly tight core which gives them a defensive stronghold they seem fairly content to sit in their corner and the alliances around them either cannot stand up to them or choose to leave them alone.

please give a new review
sorry but sitting in a corner? nope we started on the rim 1 alliance vs 6 alliance in 075 so we had no choice but to battle for 75
taking over that ocean slowed our growth to one ocean as soon as that was done we wend after nemmisis who folded in the first week of war. so we needed new enemy. vengance and their ally that did not last long because the headed to 077
now look at our stats and you will see that we are not sitting in one corner but is walking slowly to bigger water.

some time i wonder how big we would have been if we were in ocean 54?
please note legion started as 90% new to grepolis