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Ah so we're going for the 100% lying git approach are we Tea? Didn't really expect any more than that from you to be honest. :p

Baldy, shush, I wasn't accusing you or anybody else in HERT, only Tea. Like i said, Tea was able to tell our founder things he could not have known without being told. not just rough approximations, exact lengths of time and when it had been done. You might believe his lies now, WE know better.

I actually find him laughable, all his talk of wanting a challenge and the whole time he was scared to play without a safety net, Lol.


Oh,ezy,I told your founder in Ash's place I would have completed a ww,and I stand by my evaluation.
I would have succeeded,but of course you would not believe it:d


. you gave specifics before the level had finished upgrading, so you couldn't have been able to tell until after you said.

And you can keep calling me a noob all you want, because I'd rather be a "noob" than an "a$$hole". :p


zey went crazy:d:d:d

yes nooby,because I had already calculated(and actually the whole HERT was mm my assesment:d),compared the times,and reached the conclusion you could do nothing:d
so had some fun telling your founder our own times,lol
ezy the beaten:d
so,no comment about the poor handling of ww race by your supercop founder?:d


No comment at all on the handling of WW race by Ash, we always new we would be hard pushed to beat you guys.

It's interesting how even in victory you feel the need to attack Ash though, somebody feeling a little inferior are they? :D


I was curious and asked Morti who was leading the race.
Always held Morti as a pro,so was wondering who was the noob leading it:d
when he told me it is the supercop,then understood why all those errors:d
I am grateful,a leader of my calibre would have completed one,would have succeeded to put us between 2 fires for level 10.
But not a mediocre supercop:d


13-th day into the race.
The final countdown to the Crown for HERT has started.
It is beyond the margin for Fishies to reach HERT.
Enihma has given up the hope to outbuild HERT,trying to bust one of their ww(congrats for the effort) as well as trying to find out the ubiquitos spy,lol


Either there was a spy, or you make a few good guesses. In more than 1 instance, HERT managed to switch their acceleration focus prior to our wonders leveling up and thus indicating where we were focusing our acceleration. Even if there wasn't a spy (which is certainly possible), having a large size advantage and obviously having a very active/prepared alliance that has been through WW eras in multiple other worlds, we weren't going to be able to challenge you unless mistakes were made. Simply watching the timing as wonders level up and knowing the extent of your advantage/deficit is enough to allow a larger alliance to properly focus its efforts and pull ahead. At that point it is just a matter of maintaining/expanding your lead. Ash didn't really make any errors in his decisions, HERT just managed to establish and build a lead and not make any mistakes. Congratulations on the win, it is deserved.


Well said Ryan. @ Ezy, you can calculate almost pretty precisely the completion time of a WW by knowing exactly the finish time of last level, time to fill and amount of acceleration. I have been pretty impressed with Tea's ability to predict what you guys were doing, impressed with his ability to calculate our lead in each wonder, how many times we needed to accelerate certain WW then move to another WW. I'm not in leadership but i know tea pretty well and i dont think he needed a spy for any help. Experience in the WW race and numbers gave us the ability to beat you in all 10. You had the chance to get at least one. I think giving up on collossus was a mistake, this was our furthest TT on WW meaning lomgest for us to fill. But you gave us a race which is better than no race at all, even have tried to delay/annoy or whatever it is your trying to accomplish with the latest round of attacks, but in Dim's words better to try and fail then never try at all. What's even better is trying and succeding though :D Hopefully the world hangs on so we can try and get that overall conquer ratio more in our favour :D


Thank you Ryan,the most unbiased post so far.
I simply have no need to use spies.
I have a brain,and 140 collaborators who watched constantly your progress.
In that famous mail I even told Morti a rough guess of our superior activity as average(15 per cent).
We kept a tab(thanks to Mioune was perfect),and I calculated your progress.
As I openly told our players did succeed after constant studying to have a clear idea of your abilities.
I did not make lucky guesses,on the contrary,studied ones.
You are correct-me and Kronnoss(we were responsible for decision making,Kron in my absence) have a great deal of experience.
I was quite aware of our relative superiority,and my strategy was simple-simply keeping in check what appeared to be your champion ww,using the excessive accelerations,faster filling and correct timing of leveling ww not to clash with each other(and had my own share of players who could not understand my moves).
You made lots of mistakes which cost you the prize.
Ash has not my experience,nor my talent.
He has been just a side watcher in EN;)
It worked in Myonia.
Can not judge him,his alliance,his decisions.
And poor Ash sold this fact for genuine geniality.
Lesson- do not lie yourself:)


Lol,so much you dnt have the need to judge Ash, but you will have to spread hate mails about him,the whole server.The whole external forum is full of your rants about him,well people dnt need to know you guys,they can just go and read the Belle forums:D,you can never match Ash's skills as a player,not then,not now,suck it up.:)

As far as our loss goes,I think it was only and only because we lost two of our original leaders(Mal & AJ) and many good players,and dint realy have enough quality players filling their boots.

As far as HERT win is concerned,they just wanted to win,and did everything that was required to win.I think Tea would even have taken me in have i had quit EBC.:p but HERT realy did well in holding on to things till the end,and had the numbers to scare people and made them lick their A$$(read fish & ex BE),as a result no enemy other than EBC.

Congrats to the players who were in HERT from the start only,its only their win.

Dnt think the spy was reason behind HERT's win,it sure did gave them an edge,but not the deciding factor.
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You're right sandip, because I was having words with Tea, that bit kinda got lost in my message, I don't think the spy was the main reason HERT won either, it just gave them an edge.

@Tea, just one question everybody else seems to have missed so far.. Why did Kron need a mod on board to keep the others away, was there some kind of illegal activity going on within EN? :p


To ezy-unless you are a freaking kid,you should know why.
If you still insist,the answer is:
we(old players with plenty of experience and servers played) all know cops are humans,and players themselves.
So it is unfortunately unavoidable in many servers imjustice in the name of law are done.

Since the system is such and prone to excesses,having a dirty mafia man in your ranks help keep the other mafia man away.
No doubt the latest bans for having used DIO tools prove what happens when you have them in front(and this is not the worst server I have seen,in my opinion was Epsilon.Have been shocked with the amount of double accounts used for spying).
Mafia man is not used as a derogatory expression in this post.

Fyi Ezy-the Tomb move on level 7 caught me by surprise for example.
Good spoiling effort.
There is a post in our hidden forum where I expressed my conviction it was not going to be your champion.
I even said this in our public forum.
Not my fault you were stupid enough not to change the horses as often as possible(as happened in levels 5 and 6).
I simply could not believe you kept Tomb as racing horse to the end.
Kron was right-there is no server without fools.
Thinking what I would do in your place seemed to me total suicide,and thought Enigma had a good general(had no idea you left the fate of the alliance in the hands of a mediocre player).

Feel free to be engulfed with paranoia-have no interest to discourage you.
But there is no need for a spy if you have a dedicated team and a certain superiority.
I simply kept in check your leading ww while increasing the lead in the other ww.
And by level ten this lead was comfortable enough to allow me to kill your champion.
I repeat,in Ash's place would have succeeded.
We had 7 to build,not 1 ;)

as for the bs of compromising with anyone simply to win I may say a lot-starting with the flat refusal to share the crown(ask choppy if you want) to refusal to accept leading players who asked a spot in HERT.
Do not want to reveal the name of your member,it would be bs on my part.

We never accepted wholesale ex BE players,and if you would have the slightiest knowledge you would have known that for Meta group some names were sine qua non;)
feel free to ask choppy for example who has a clue;)
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As far as our loss goes,I think it was only and only because we lost two of our original leaders(Mal & AJ) and many good players,and dint realy have enough quality players filling their boots.

Isolde(Mal) divided our alliance more than anyone. She tore through the leadership, undermining Enigma leadership by supporting the usurpers (who quit a long time ago). All over having someone to attack in the east, she revoked the NAP I set in motion with Minions, and basically ignored all of my efforts to trying to have one front and all work together on one front against HERT. Then ironically, went in VM for a long time, and quit a short time after handing her account over to someone. And Paisad, who took over AJ(TUS)s account handled it very well I think. One of our top attackers. Im not trying to stir anything nor trying to offend anyone, but I totally disagree with that statement and sort of take an offense to it. We lost due to a number of things, but definitely had nothing to do with Isolde and AJ not being around.


Someone is pised off, tea i am the spy ,do u forget :p
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Sandip has his opinion.
In my opinion she was not a good leader.
But certainly I am biased.


Certainly,it was completely my opinion, and thats why i mentioned I think,Morti you seem to have some misinformation about how many players back then wanted to fight Minions,but we can discuss that in private.As for commenting about P,for P knows how much i respect her as a player,as i have ran a lot of ops with her,it was to her i always have asked support whenever in need first.I said -TUS- as the leader,not -TUS- the player,P certainly have handled that equally well,if not better.By many quality players i meant Arti,Eric,Start,Red etc,
we dint realy have had players as committed as them.

Lastly i realy dint intend to offend you or anyone else,not now,not back then,but i stand by what i said about loosing Mal & AJ as leaders,and also loosing many good players to RL.
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All lose players Sandip,all.
Not just you.
We too had our own share of inactivity(forced or voluntary).