Rejected Allowing (or not) newly invited players to play outside of the game rim

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This proposal is to correct a flaw in the game that does not allow newly invited players to play outside of the game rim.

Newly invited players need to have a completely functional game experience. Currently, newly invited players are allowed to be invited outside of the game rim. However their game experience is limited to a single island with farming villages, and are only allowed to colonize that island once.

If an established player goes outside of the game rim (where the computer is placing new players), there are only small islands to colonize that have no farming villages. The large islands are "undeveloped" ie: do not have any anchor points or farming villages on them.
However, once a colony is established on a small island outside of the rim, the large islands surrounding it spawn anchor points that only allow you to invite a friend.
If you invite a friend to one of these newly spawned anchor points, the new player will get a 175 point city and that island will spawn 8 farming villages. The rest of the anchor points on that island (and the previously mentioned surrounding large islands) are still limited to inviting new players only.
So the new player is unable to colonize any additional cities on that island or any other island with farming villages unless he/she is able to send a CS within the game rim.

Observation - if the game is to allow new players to begin outside of the game rim, the game must be completely functional as if it was inside the rim. A new player is unaware that his/her gaming experience will be crippled by this flaw.

Fixes: There are 2 choices here,
1. eliminate all "invite a friend" anchor points that exist outside of the game rim so new players wont be spawned outside of the rim and suffer these limitations ..... or
2. change the anchor points that get spawned on these large islands to be both 'invite a friend' and 'found a city here' types to allow normal gameplay outside of the rim for newly invited players.

Visual Aids:
I can post a screenshot of an example if someone points me on how to create a 'spoiler' icon.

Balance/Abuse Prevention:
None that i can see, simply fixing the game one way or the other.


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I know this is an old thread, but its not closed off, so I'll give my comments.
I dont like this idea. "new" players maybe someone that is experienced in other games and wishes to be with stronger mates. I havent used this feature before but I dont have a problem with players playing in the core that are new.


Yea i think this is logical. I support it.
SjsharksBoy said:
Good idea.

I know I'm replying to an old thread and sadly I'm disappointed there wasn't any more discussion on it- but jono shark, this proposal has 2 choices, which one did you support?

Stargazer - I think you missed the whole point of what I was saying. I'm talking about new players being invited outside of the game rim and then they have nowhere to expand, not being invited into the core.


If you mean as in on the exteme edges of the game (eg:0-10 oceans), then I believe that thats a seperate issue. Ive always believed that the games has too many oceans, 10 x 10 is too large for how many players start in each ocean now days.
I think that the developers need to do a statistical look at how many players start each ocean and create a smaller system for future worlds. From what Ive seen most worlds only have players playing in three oceans away from centre (ie: 44-55 is centre and oceans 22-77 get filled at most). I think that a 5x5 or 6x6 map would be better. I dont see the point in having 10x10 when nothing ever occurs on the extreme edges of the game.
I think a 5x5 game would allow for worlds to be more competitive and of more interest. A dominent alliance would then be able to conquor a higher portion of all oceans (with pacts) as 25 oceans is more realistic then 100!

Also, with 5x5, you can have all players start in the one ocean that joins in the wave (eg: day) where NE, NW, SE, SW would indicate what part of the centre ocean (ie: 22 or perhaps B2) they would land in, so all members of a pre-made can be in the same location in the one ocean without using the join friends strategy.
The second wave would allow 8 more oceans to open (eg after first day or two) and the third wave would open the remaining 16 oceans (after say the first two weeks).
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- Horus -

Interesting little concept, but wouldn't this possibly lead to a perpetually never-ending world? I suppose some might like that, others might draw the line here and say that would be too much. Idea seems to appeal to me in some ways, I'll give some rep at least for the general conceptualization and effort put in.


If you mean as in on the exteme edges of the game (eg:0-10 oceans), then I believe that thats a seperate issue. QUOTE]

No, it's the issue I've created this thread for. If you decide to colonize outside of the game rim (beyond where the NOOB's are being placed by the game) there are no "large islands" to colonize, only 'small ones' with no farms.
However once you do establish a city on one of the small islands outside of the rim, the previously unoccupied large islands imediately around you spawn "invite a friend to play" anchor points. You cannot colonize there. But if you invite a friend (or random people) to that a spot on the 'large' island, when they start all the farm villages and WW anchor is spawned for the NOOB. Now the large islands around the NOOB spawn 'invite a friend' anchor spots, but no 'colonize here' spots on any large island.
So when this NOOB gets big enough for a second city, the only place the game will allow him to go is to a small island. He will never be able to play with more than his original spot with farm villages.

My point is this is unfair to the NOOB that unsuspectingly acceped an invitation out there.
The solution is:

1. Ban all colonizations outside of the rim by removing all anchor spots on undeveloped areas.
2. When a small island is colonized outside of the rim, the large islands nearby spawn both types of anchor spots.
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This idea makes sense. Might as well let us vote on it, at least, though t probably never will reach that stage at this rate.


I love option #2, but also would suppport option #1. In Llambda, I was just such a noob who came in beyond the rim with no possibility of joining the game action. It took me 2 months of game play to realize I could not CS any cities to get to the game core.
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