Ally, War, Disband


I'v seen this on other worlds and thought i would give it a try here.

Its simple, name 3 alliances and 1 you have to say you would ally, one to war with and one to disband in your opinion (on this world). Be realistic and don't take offense...

Person 1:
Alliance 1
Alliance 2
Alliance 3

Person 2:
Ally: Alliance 3
War: Alliance 1
Disband: Alliance 2

Alliance 2, Alliance 5, Alliance 4

...and so on. Just do the ally, disband war thing and then add three tribes for the next person to rate. If you can give a reason, great!

The first 3 alliances are...

VRoD, 5KP, Enigma


ALLY VRoD too many good friends in VRoD
WAR Enigma don't know much about them
DISBAND 5KP no real reason

Public Enemy, Rising Stars, Fat Camp
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Ally Fat Camp - Seem a good small solid crew.
War Rising Stars - Would like to put them to the test.
Disband Public Enemy - It would change kappa world and give the game some life again.

Crimson Legion Elite, Rogue, Oceans Alliance

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Ally Oceans Alliance - Not really much choice I'd prefer not to ally any of them
War Rogue - To get rid of our main challengers :p
Disband Crimson Legion Elite - So we can all find out what the sheep do when they are dispersed :D

Strike Force, Gorgones Kai Manges, Infernal Knights

To the two posters above, you are supposed to reply to this thread by continuing the game, not useless 'agree' posts.


pact infernal knights great bunch of players and work well together
war strike force for the fun of it
disband gorgones kai manges they are a pain in the *** and i dispise them

crimson empire,rougue,League of Corinth MK2


Pact League of Corinth MK2 - would help with the war on Rogue I am going to mention in a second
War Rogue - would be a really, really interesting and tough war, I would be happy win or lose in that one.
Disband - Crimson empire - don't know much of them + I chose the other 2 already.

Rising Stars, VRoD, *Bad* <--- Andy Dog (traitor) alliance


Pact VRoD: Would like to get them back to their best
Disband Bad: might aswell it's not like they will last anyway
War Rising Stars: I know their players so well it would just be fun :eek:

Crimson Guardians, SALAMANDER, Global Pirate Party


Ally Crimson Guardians - hey why not
War SALAMANDER - would be good fighting a group of players like this.
Disband - Global Pirate party - If I am correct, these are the oceans pirates under a new name. they were stronger as part of oceans

Oceans Alliance, Crimson Ravens, Orions Children


dispand crimsons ravens heck CLE is absorbing them up anyway
waroceans alliance
pact orions children small bunch although they suck up the crimsons bajookie

the brotherhood,elite crimson fowl,Achaean League


Ally - Achaean League because I can't go to war with 2 alliances
War - Crimson Fowl - only alliance we would get any decent bp out of, nothing personal
Disband - the brotherhood do they count as an alliance

Strike Force, The Raccoons, --X--