Top 12 Ally-War-Disband


The forum have been active in the last couple of days but has now gone quiet, so i decided id do one of these.

Rules (Im just making these up)
1.You cant do you own alliance.
2.The alliances have to be in the top 12
3.Dont have to put 3 alliances after, you can just pick(Can change this one if you guys want)

Ill start:
Ally; One For The Road, awesome alliance :)
War;MOS, we are and its good fun ;)
Disband;Pirates Of Pella, got up to rank 7 with 700 cities you guys even have an enemy or you just run around colonizing?


Ally: Sarissa, awsome mates of mine from Corinth and taking cities from TDK despite being tiny compared to them.

War: MOS I suppose

Disband: Reapers, kind of just hanging around, have a few good players that would be better off in a good alliance.


Legends of the fall - like bend I know them

War - MOS sorry VM

Disband - MOS soon

PS chris I know you read this you were saying before we wanted TSL/TDK involved with a fight against you but no need give your players a days attack and bang VM goes on top players to