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Ahh, I'm sure they use a translator. I bust their chops and pretend I can't make sense of what they're saying if they use bad grammar, tho :3


Oh... I feel so bad now... I join the rim of Spanish servers, and if I play well, I join a noob alliance to force them to learn English to talk to me :p
If it is any consolation to you I once joined the rim of the portugese T-wars server, and founded a Tribe called Spain, and put the spanish national flag as my Tribe Avatar :p

lord genis

no no, just interested in joining, everything else is surmountable.
The fellowship is the main thing.
Truly the only border is the limitation of each, there are very effective translators.
We are a very professional alliance, if anyone needs our help and cooperation, we only have to contact us.
But importantly, only fearless warriors to attack and help their friends.
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