Newspaper Amisos-December Update/2017 Year Recap


Official Amisos "December/2017 Recap"
Hello Everyone! I am "Loves You" and this is the Third Edition of my Newspaper.
(First October Edition:
(Second November Edition:

*I do apologize for the slight delay in posting this. I did not anticipate a hardware failure on my computer. Luckily I got the part back today! Wanted to publish this before it's too late, and will be messaging alliance representatives by the weeks end to get January's Edition set and released on time. Hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and are sticking to your New Year's Resolutions!
2017 Recap:
Table of Contents:

1) Fallen Alliances of 2017
2) Front-runners of 2017

3) Individual Awards

The Fallen Alliances of 2017:

Officially Deleted on 10.19.2017 due to “Poor Leadership”

One of the Premier alliance of Amisos since the server start, "Carmichael" located in ocean 55 was a strong powerhouse, but was ultimately crippled with poor leadership. Many of its members left and reformed under the banner of “JerrySpringer”, currently labelled as “cba..

Unofficial Beginning of the End on 11.4.2017

Following an early dominance in ocean 54, on November the 4th and 5th they were dealt a crucial blow members of "Nameless", and the "Black Knights", conceding 58 cities in the first two weeks of fighting. With only 5 successful retaliatory conquests, the war was over. Members either went inactive, hit vacation mode, or merged into “We Mean No Harm”.

We Mean No Harm:
Unofficial Collapse on 11.27.2017

Also one of the previous Top Tier Alliances, this alliance ultimately folded following the departure of key leadership, war on multiple fronts, and a wave of inactive as new servers opened up. Those that are still playing from this alliance were merged into "Nymeria", one of its former enemies.

The Frontrunners of 2017:

Nymeria- 12,500,000 Points – Founded 07.21.2017

One of the oldest alliances on this sever, they have managed to survive and thrive in ocean 45 with multiple alliances rising and falling around them. They’re experienced, aggressive, and love a good fight.

Nameless- 10,300,000 Points – Founded 08.03.2017

Was a relatively small alliance until the 23rd of December when they merged with members of “The Black Knights.” It’s alittle early to tell how the merger has worked out, but between “Nameless”, and “The Black Knights” , “SLAP” did not stand a chance.

Phoenix- 8,800,000 Points – Founded on 08.05.2017

Both “Phoenix” and “Nymeria” devoured “We Mean No Harm”. With “No Harm” out of the picture, I anticipate a fight between the two giants. I’m gonna give an edge to Nymeria in this fight due to their experience, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong, who knows.

Ending 2017 on a High Note:

Most Points Obtained by an Individual Player: Valoris I of “Nymeria”
51 Cities and 650,000 points! They say Rome wasn’t built in a Day, but I bet Valoris might prove us wrong.

Most Fighting Points Obtained by an Individual Player: MomentumZH of “Nymeria”

With more than 268,000 points higher than the second best fighter, with 868,000 points, MomentumZH definitely has the ball rolling. Not sure what they are feeding the players over there at Nymeria, but pretty sure it’s something more than Popeye’s Spinach.

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Happy New Year to you too!

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Very few statements in your post were wrong, which is a lot less than usual newspapers!

I like your work mate, keep doing it! ;)