Newspaper Amisos News - February!

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    Official Amisos February Update!
    Brought to you by: Loves You!
    This is the 5th Edition of the Amisos News; Previous Editions are linked in the spoiler below.

    Table of Contents:
    1.Grepolis News
    2.Events of February & The Nifty Nine
    3.Top Alliances[Hardcoded Stats]
    4.Analysis Paralysis[World Map]
    5.If Amisos Participated in the Winter Olympics

    1.Grepolis News:
    In-case you missed it; a new "End-game" was announced at the end of January. It WILL NOT affect the end-game of Amisos, however the "Domination" mode will be cycled into upcoming worlds upon it's release. To read more about the new end-game click below:
    In other annoucements there are some changes coming to our world and others, with regards to Battle Point Behavior.[You heard that right]

    *I will be sure to keep you all posted, but in the meantime, ENJOY!

    Newspaper Change-log:
    *Published for 2/28/2018
    **Made minor cosmetic changes

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    Oct 21, 2016
    2. Events of February

    8th: Beginning of "Spartan Assasins" Event
    10th: Phoenix Reborn initiates Operation "Rebound"
    14th: Valentines Day
    16th: Nymeria and Nameless begin trading blows
    17th: First city falls in favor of Nameless
    21rst: NO NAME begins "The Hunt for Ballinordpd"
    22nd: Long standing alliance: ---Cerberus--- is dissolved
    26th: End of "Spartan Assasins" Event


    2. The Nifty Nine??
    If you followed last month's issue, we covered nine Phoenix players that had decided to move over to Nymeria at the end of the war. I wanted to follow up with them, and highlight some of the changes they have undergone since changing alliances.[Listed Alphabetically]

    Improved his Top Fighter rank by 42! places, and now sits in 170th position
    Devil Fett: Moved up 8 places to become 32nd for Most Points!
    Eduinbrutus: Moved up from 12th to 11th place for Most Points!
    Fearttt: *Unfortunately decided to leave the world.
    Kizmut: Improved across the board and broke the Top 200!
    Magniss321: DOUBLED!
    his Offensive Battle Points and now sits in 49th Offensive Player in Amisos
    Nozarino: I heard he's coming into some Defensive BP soon.
    Srnl2010: Jumped into 67th Most Points
    theedman: Top 12 point player, and in the Top 20 as an overall fighter!

    Congratulations to all of you!!
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    Oct 21, 2016
    3. Top Alliances [Hardcoded Stats]

    Members: 56
    Points: 18,585,179(1)

    Offensive Battlepoints: 5,775,841(2)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 2,573,340(3)
    Overall Battlepoints: 8,349,181(2)

    Nameless made a big "Powerplay" this month on the 16th. They moved members from
    ---Cerberus--- into their alliance, and on the same day began fighting their enemy Nymeria.
    The score between the two alliance's currently sits at [4-2] in favor of Nameless.

    Members: 56
    Points: 18,184,393(2)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 7,441,948(1)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 3,303,763(1)
    Overall Battlepoints: 10,747,711(1)

    With resounding success against Phoenix in January, February has been a bit... rockier.
    Unfortunately, a few large members in their alliance decided to go inactive:(
    This led to a lot of focus on "internals", which cost them precious slots that should have gone to expansion. I expect March to be a much better month for these guys.

    Members: 51
    Points: 8,363,585(3)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 3,909,495(4)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 2,750,515(4)
    Overall Battlepoints: 1,158,980(8)

    Operation: "The Hunt for Ballinordpd". The mission was simple, make him PAY. The prep work was set. On the 19th of February, CS's were launched from their harbors, eager to reach their mark. Soon cities began to fall as CS after CS found it's mark. Other Legions players quickly began to notice their teammate and rushed to help, but it was too late. 13 cities had already fallen, it was Checkmate.
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    Oct 21, 2016
    Phoenix Reborn

    Members: 59
    Points: 6,989,799(4)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 3,130,341(3)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 2,592,065(2)
    Overall Battlepoints: 5,722,406(3)

    From the outside, Operation "Rebound" has been a success. After bleeding points and players, they were able to patch themselves up and begin to heal. However,upon closer inspection, it is harder to judge. The majority of points has come from the taking of ghost cities. Most recently they have been sharing some of their in-actives with Nymeria.

    The Wraith
    Points: 4,456,208(5)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 431,480(14)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 264,902(17)

    Overall Battlepoints: 696,382(13)

    My Alliance!! YIPEEE
    What can I say!? We're the best!!!
    We've got Music Monday's, Taco Tuesdays, and Wonky Wednesdays!
    Don't even remind me about Last Chance Dance!!

    Legions of Moloch
    Members: 53
    Points: 3,746,673(6)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 1,231,025(9)
    Defensive Battlepoints:1,302,723(5)
    Overall Battlepoints: 2,533,748(8)

    Similar to the situation Nymeria was put in, the inactivity of a few players hindered their performance this month, with one player moving to NO NAME. The war is currently not going in their favor, but hopefully they can shore up in-actives and re-establish themselves as a fighting force.

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    Oct 21, 2016
    No Name Ringers

    Members: 32
    Points: 2,765,345(7)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 1,681,545(8)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 644,135(10)
    Overall Battlepoints:2,325,680(9)

    They are 7-0 against the Jedi Knights, 7-0 against the Mafiaa, and 10-0 against the Comeback Kids!!! Need I say more!


    Members: 39
    Points: 1,908,144(8)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 129,534(19)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 301,119(16)
    Overall Battlepoints: 430,653(18)

    I have yet to speak to a member of the Mafiaa that have said something back to me. I think they enjoy being the strong silent type.


    10. The Black Knights
    Members: 21
    Points: 1,741,403(9)
    Offensive Battlepoints: 2,360,352(5)
    Defensive Battlepoints: 1,262,683(7)
    Overall Battlepoints: 3,623,035(6)

    For those that don't know, TheMonopolyGuy is in TBK. He hails from a another server, but comes with his pockets brimming with money, and is ready to settle hotels. Be careful not to land on any of his squares.

    R.I.P ---Cerberus--- [22.02.2018]
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    Oct 21, 2016
    4. Analysis Paralysis

    Net Gain (Points):
    NO NAME (+2,189,168)
    The Wraith (+1,837,412)
    Nymeria (+1,436,337)
    Mafiaa1 (+608,395)

    Phoenix Reborn (+530,415)
    Legions of Moloch (+434,844)
    No Name Ringers (+429,555)

    The Black Knights (+389,176)

    Offensive BP

    Nameless (+2,431,743)
    Nymeria (+2,221,688)
    NO NAME (+1,129,082)
    Phoenix Reborn (+551,000)
    No Name Ringers (+374,966)
    The Wraith (+262,331)
    Legions of Moloch (+224,978)
    The Black Knights (+196,928)
    Mafiaa1 (+90,917)

    Defensive BP
    Nameless (+1,508,470)
    Nymeria (+954,804)
    Legions of Moloch (+350,406)
    NO NAME (+339,014)
    The Black Knights (+320,880)
    Phoenix Reborn (+214,840)
    Mafiaa1 (+200,434)
    The Wraith (+182,576)

    No Name Ringers (+107,487)

    Total BP:
    Nameless (+3,940,213)
    Nymeria (+3,176,492)
    NO NAME (+1,468,096)
    Phoenix Reborn (+765,840)
    Legions of Moloch (+575,384)
    The Black Knights (+517,808)
    No Name Ringers (+482,453)
    The Wraith (+444,907)

    Mafiaa1 (+291,351)


    Net Values were used to evaluate Overall growth achieved by each alliance and it's members.

    Nameless 4, Nymeria 2
    NO NAME 50, Legions 8

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    Oct 21, 2016
    If Amisos Participated in the Winter Olympics!
    Nameless - "We like to compete in all events! As long as we don't have to wear tights"
    Nymeria - "With the passionate, experienced and talented group we have here at Nymeria and given our playing style, I'd have to say that Ice Hockey would suit us very well. Some of us are already missing some teeth."
    NO NAME - FreeStyle Skiing
    Phoenix Reborn - Curling
    The Wraith - Biathalon
    Legions of Moloch - Cross Country Skiing/Skeleton/Curling
    No Name Ringers- Biathalon
    Mafiaa - I didn't know Mafiaa members did sports?
    The Black Knights - "If me and my alliance were to participate in an event, than it would be one where team work and unity are the basics of that constituent, so I would claim 'Biathlon'. Dodge and shoot at the same time."

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    Oct 21, 2016

    Special Thanks! to all the Alliance Representatives:
    (* I couldn't have done it without your kindness and participation!)

    Lastly, The End of the Month also marks "Thank a Mod Day", so shoutout to @.magick. for being a WONDERFUL Mod!

    Parting Gifts:


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    joy to read again, Nameless for the win!
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    Great job!
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    Looking great man, keep up the good work!
    Better than the last couple of ones, which says a lot
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    I always find these updates most inspiring. Thanks to @Loves You and all the leaders to contributed.
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    [​IMG]Can't wait till March update!!![​IMG]
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