An Alliance Question



I have a question I hope some of you more experienced players might answer for me if you will:

I'm going to assume I will get varying thoughts dependent upon need but I'll fire it off anyway.

Assumption: Assume I would like to apply for membership to a respectable top 12 Alliance.
Assumption: Assume I have and can manage my resources extremely well and will continue to build accordingly.
Assumption: Assume I have a great deal to learn about Battle Strategy but am a quick learner who listens.

NOW the question:
At what level of "points" "Resources" should I be at to apply for for membership to a top 12 alliance or would I be wasting your time and mine?

I'm a pretty hard working guy and I would ask that you read my stats to help you confirm my efforts. Your assistance on this is appreciated.

Gythium (en30)


(scr)I don't know about the rest of the new people to this game, but I figure this question can only help those that are new to prepare better for the alliance that accepts them. Just sayin..


well, points don't really matter for top alliances. Most will look at your BP rankings. Secondly they will probably look at your grepostats and see how you evovled in the game since you started. If it's good they might ask you some questions about experience and your goals in the game. Also if you are able to support alliance members and attack it's enemys.

You should also look at their points average...If you are above it they will most likely accept you...but if not then you'll have to be very diplomatic and if the recruitor likes you then you'll be accepted...

In the best case you send them an apply in PM and tell them about your skills etc....
That's what I would ask as alliance founder though...And i play at theta as well so quite experienced at these stuff...

Good luck!!!



(SW) Joris, I thank you very much for your reply and advice. It's most appreciated. I never want to assume or step on toes during the formative stage. But I do know if one doesn't ask they won't get far.