An Open Letter to the deluded Wijmeersch and Tea City


Well, this thread has turned into total chaos. My take is, this was going to be a terrible situation from the start. EN seems to have members in all major alliances. The big 3 being NB, Musks, Bees. It's no secret that some members don't wish to fight with other fellow members and friends.

However I think we all knew it was going to end up being a 2v1 scenario here once the big 3 got established. No one knew who would side with who. No one knew what alliance would be on the outs. (At least I had no idea who). It came down to which alliance would target another first. Leaving the third wheel left to make all the decisions. Stay neutral, but lose out on BP and growth. Join in, and risk being branded a coalition or overkill. Play middle man, only for the other 2 to turn on you. Etc....

Politics and posteuring seems to be key way to early on. From what I've learned here... There is no such thing as starting fresh from server to server. If you don't to fight friends, don't join or do you best to join as one unit. No matter how this would have shaked out, someone would feel wronged. So regardless of the outcome, no clear winners?


My take on the situation:

1. NB + No Speed >>>> KB + Golden Honey.

In case of 1vs 1 war, NB is more likely to win against KB looking at the players and stats.

2. As a leading alliance, Musks don't want to sit out of war in the core area.

3. If they don't fight KB or NB, Musks need to fight wars moving towards rim and down south in O45. Why would they do this? Not many players are in fovour of doing that as well.

4. Now musks have three choices i) Fight KB ii) Fight NB iii) Fight KB and NB both

i) fight KB out of question as NB + Musks would have overrun them leaving NB too big to deal later

ii) Fight NB makes most sense as O44 is Musks main ocean and NB their main threat

iii) Fight both NB + KB. This would have make NB join hand with KB to form front against Musks. This is where game theory comes into picture. If all three alliance stick to no pact then we have a good server. But distrust runs too deep as if any of the other two joins hand then the third one will be in a bad situation. For now it is NB who was left out of top three teams.

I think Musks leaders make the right and sensible decision if you see the situation as a commander.
don't forgett the bloods family,key player in this word ...add them, will change your situation


don't forgett the bloods family,key player in this word ...add them, will change your situation
Agree. Bloods are proven fighters and a solid team. Many teams that started later in rim oceans rising up as well. Large wars will give them opportunity to focus on growth and securing core. So watch out for small alliances once larger ones clash!


So many people are here talking and offending each other ..
This is just a game and we need to play this for makeing fun .. This is a War Game so we can let the fight in the game and not in here because its something useless ..
Weak people always talk and dont make nothing the strong ones show their work and the weak ones again find something for offend the good work

No Brakes will be solo in this war this would be better for them more BP and more fun is better if you are solo against all others .. Dont need to destroy the friendship and other things for just a game you need to play the game dont let the game playes you

Everyone have a different opinion of what he said so we can talk here for a long time and never cant find a same opinion from all players ;)