Top 12 AnA start losing cities; SnS, QoQ, and AnA exchange the first spot, QoQ is far behind in BP; The Vanguard is holding on

well too bad

AnA start losing cities to SnS and QoQ
The first spot is constantly contested by the top 3 alliances and is changing by the hour
Some alliance like vanguard are surprisingly holding up and not breaking
A Vanguard Coalition comes up​
Now to everyone's Favorite part:
WAR SCORES! (this time it will only include major wars)

SnS X AnA 14-1 (stunning record considering AnA hasn't struck back yet)
SnS X CoR 46-5
SnS X Vanguards 5-0

AnA X Vanguards 92-5(wow these guys are being hit hard)
AnA X CoE 18-0

QoQ X The Unimpressed 112-1 (at least they got a city)
QoQ X CoR 18-0
This part will be replaced by coalition evaluations:
Vanguard Coalition: They seem to be a bunch of low-level alliances. Seems to be ineffective as they are bleeding many cities but maybe they are bleeding inactive/meat but still isn't a good thing. If they coordinate an Operation this should be good. They are a bit too spread to be effective together on one front but they may be in multiple fronts.
SnS-QoQ: shared domination over O55, SnS expanding into 45 while QoQ into 44. Very interesting future regarding Van Coalition and AnA and later on in between them.
AnA: still no idea about who they are pacted with but seems to be trying to get NAPs in place.
Sorry, no memes today but I am preparing some big ones for later.
Favorite Alliance of the world: Still SnS and AnA because QoQ is too far behind in BP and if they don't catch up they will be not in a good position later on.
Over-rated alliance of the world: CoE although they are fourth now their placement is very bad. Many people in 44 and a bunch in 45. This should be food for SnS/AnA if they OP them. WIll be much like SnS and LFG when they crumble the best players move as is the cycle of life. same as before
Under-dog alliance of the world: Vanguard coalition they are holding up not very bad against AnA and QoQ so may prove to be something interesting.
Review of last time's SnS-AnA analysis:
Seems AnA is getting hit by the ABP(SnS) to DBP(AnA) ratio, they lost a couple of cities also. Again diplomacy will play a very big role. If AnA pacts up with someone they may do some actual damage.

Darkness 1

I see that AnA is in a bad position, in the middle of everyone... and seems like they losing domination on a few islands were totally belong to them.


lol good luck SnS! QoQ you made the right decision. Time to teach these cheaters and botters a lessons