Anabolic hemorrhoid ghosted

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He ghosted because he could not deal with the stress of grepo along with his mother passing.
I am so frustrated and ashamed with grepo community as a whole.
I understand you guys where frustrated and angry with him for leaving the four kindoms and messing up wonders
I support him on this, but I understand feeling betrayed, but im not here to argue over that
Because that is no excuse to tell him to kill himself, or make fun of dieing mom, or saying you will always hunt him and hate on him.
There is a certain line you don't cross, a line that a lot of you crossed.
Anabolic was a human. Never should anyone say half of the stuff you said to another human ever.
Especially over a little gold tiara in a game, i mean its just pixels.

Today grepolis lost a great player and man.
Hope you are happy.


Wholeheartedly agree... Gentleman-like behavior can be the standard even in a war game, as many of us know.

Spread the love and respect, not the toxicity!

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I am only speaking for myself so keep that in mind. Games are fun and awesome so I love playing them. However real life must always come first. I hope he's doing ok in such a difficult period of time and I wish him the best of luck. It's never cool to wish ill on a player when they are going through problems in real life regardless of what the situation is ingame.