Anarchy 99


hi, im templar187 of anarchy 99, we are currently top of ocean 56 and plan on domination of this ocean. i know it is early days and most early alliances fall quickly but i believe that we can hold our heads high at top. currently there is very low requirements to join as everyone will be at the same low base point. although we have a lead due to our numbers, we are in the process of increasing our points and more importantly, out armies.

anyway, if you think you can hold the top spot like us, feel free to apply

the requirements are as follows:
-250 points minimum, so we know that you are growing from this early stage
-be active, there will be regular checks to see if you are active and happy with your progress, being able to help is our main reason for being here in the first place
-be close- within a few islands from other members is best but we are accepting anyone within ocean 56, if outside ocean 56, you will be concidered but not likely accepted
-be fun, it is a game after all

to apply, simply message templar187 or ferguson01 in game for an invite


Not for me. Every time one of my men dies, part of me dies as well.

uuuuuhhhhhhh. Dude. It doesn't even show battles. If you don't filter the "animated" battle reports then all it shows you is some dudes with spears in still-shots. All you ever see is numbers. All that's dying is numbers man. Numbers you can get back.


250 points! Are you having a joke

nu iis a new world you do realise, and im setting the base point very low so that newcomers don't feel left out. as the game progresses i will raise the bar alot but seeing as the ocean's highest player only has 420 points, it's pretty reasonsble i think.