Anarchy is recruiting


I am an experienced player who has started in this world to have tremendous amounts of fun. If you are the type to ridicule other people and fight without honor then I don't want you on my alliance. I am currently on the number 1 alliance in world Baris and running a lot of things there with my friends. In this world now I have a lot of plans on being as successful both in teamwork and friendship. We will not be an MRA and will not accept just anyone. We want people who can support each other in the midst of war both in attacking and in defending.

Right now I'm located in ocean 56. If anyone wants to rock n roll with me please PM me with your experience and I'll be happy to hand over the invite! :) If you are a beginner I'll teach you well but you must prove yourself worthy of a position on my alliance by being active in forums and etc.

Player name: daveinator007, Alliance: Anarchy


Good to see you start an alliance wish you all the best


Nice. Are you guys gonna play aggressive/defensive/offensive? Are you planing to make sister alliances when over crowded or only chosen people will join? I am in the world already by the way :D