And the award for the biggest NOOB goes to........


Lost my 3rd CS to my own birs on the same city!:supermad:

Anyone else ever done any NOOBISH behavior? It's show and tell time......


Its called pulling a "J" for a reason.

I had incoming support to a city that was taken by enemy. The enemy player started an argument with me so i would be distracted and forget to pull as soon as they landed.

What i did not know was my alliance had an attack incoming to that city. So the enemy player made BP from me defending him, from our own players attacking.

That was the worst Noob move i ever made.


That Graeme's a clever one Pawn (i remember him saying on the externals)

der der der de der deeeeeeerrrrrrrr

Everyone....... Remember the saying4th CS LUCKYGotcha

it think i play better when i'm on the good stuff
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I find it hard to believe that me and Pawn are the only 2 players to make stupid mistakes. You all must have some funny stories of complete noobness...... Lets not let the forum die, lets laugh at each others silly mistakes. I am 100% sure each and every player has made more than 1.

If this thread doesn't get any action soon the IceMan may as well get rid..... Seems we only have complete pros in this world although i haven't seen many......

If you can't take the mick out of yourself then don't bother bashing others.....


My only big mistakes I made when I first started was attacking with defensive units, but thats pretty average. Also, could someone please provide a war update? I've left but I'm curious to see how the wars are going


I've done many of these in my first conquest outage. All the classics, sniping my own CS (both offensively and defensively), looking for the conquest attack button, etc.


ugh i remember i went to extend population growth on my city which was also under a plague spell...which i cast on myself. but it gets better, i extended the plague spell rather than the pop growth.

oh and it gets better yet again...i've done this to myself twice!!!