Important Announcement! New recruiting offer out now! Come to the North-West and join CIWAN1!!



COME JOIN US! We are now recruiting players of all ages, races, size, and power!

Currently, we are an MRA, but this will change. I was recently rimmed by my best friend on this world, but do not worry! This alliance is formed for the protection of its members! We will allow anyone in that has just 1k points! We are here to help YOU! Come and join us now to get REAL support and help building your cities! We are a tightly knit group and we don't play much on the offensive, but when we are roused, we are better than the largest alliances! So, come on and join us.

Instructions on how to find us-

1. If you are already playing, but have only a few points, and are in the South or East, restart to the North-West
2. Send us a message with a link to your Grepo-Stats to prove that you are an active player
3. Get invited!