Another incredible Failure by Inno


Can someone explain to me how an entire staff team and company fails to notice that they don't release a message regarding peacetime for Easter AT ALL? Why is it we go to send a CS for an OP and we can't "24 hours before peacetime". How is it possible to be this ignorant and care this little about your game that you cant release critical information to the players?

And if anyone bothers to say anything about "Charlie, it's in the forums!"

1% Of the players bother to read the forums here. The SJW mods who run these forums chased everyone out. Truly, truly a sign that you people don't care about the players at all.

Excellent work Grepo team!

Spartan AD

seems that this post prompted that in-game announcement, although considering we're already in the no cs period I'd say it's a bit late now


In normal times I would 100% agree but perhaps if folk lifted their heads from their screens they might notice that something is going on in RL and that everyone is working under difficult circumstances. So stop whinging and be grateful you have grep for once.
Remember stay healthy and eat raw garlic to ensure others keep their social distance.