Anti timer discussion


Its as "naturally" possible as me hitting four straight tradditional 21's in Blackjack, so in effect zero, but then I don't benefit from the use of bots in my environment,

Sums up why nobody plays this game any more.


People are under-estimating the possibility of landing same second attacks/supports.

Anyone is able to do it, it just takes a little know-how and a little bit of luck :) Don't yell out Bot and Cheat when someone gets some good timings on you.

@James Peak, I don't know what you're talking about, I'm able to consistently land same-second supports and attacks and I don't ever see anyone yelling at me accusing me of botting


Probably the antitimer. With so many attacks sent something like that is bound to happen eventually.


Grepolis Team

We dont know what those attacks are. He could simply have sent 20 1 ls attacks and then cancelled the ones that did not work!

In terms of the anti timer a lot depends on how many chances you have and it is a mistake to just dismiss good timing as a bot. There are many ways to improve your chances. These are some examples:

1. Anchors. If you wish to send bireme support then it is possible to send that support with a fireship, a slow transport, a ls and then finally just the biremes. With this you have four chances to achieve an improved time rather than just one.
If you are using anchors as above, then in the knowledge that you have another chance you can also send, cancel and then resend your support/attack if the first time given is not as close as you would like. In this case you send, check the time, if its not close enough then cancel and resend again when the troops return. The speed at which you do this will dictate how many extra chances you achieve.

2. Use of the attack planner also helps. If you input troops manually you should achieve at least 2 chances per anchor, possibly 3. However if you set up your attack planner so that its one click to reinput all the troops then its possible to gain 5 chances with practice and good internet speed.

3. Splitting support/attacks - here if a snipe is essential and you have only 1 chance left you cannot cancel in case you miss the time. However most cs have only a limited number of troops and can be easy to kill. If possible wisdom the cs and then you have a good idea of how strong a snipe needs to be. If a cs is weak splitting a ls/bir nuke gives you 2-3 chances. If for example you have 300 bir to snipe then send the first 100 11 secs before and then as fast as you can the 2nd and 3rd 100 bir. Cancel any that are not useful.
Sniping same city. Same city snipes are not subject to the anti timer so it is possible to achieve same sec or 1 sec snipes providing you have fast internet.

The anti timer can give you anytime +/- 10 secs. When sending support/attacks always start 11 seconds before the time you require and keep attacking/supporting and then cancelling until 10 seconds after the time you require. With this method you are likely to achieve very close times consistently.


Yes i understand how anchors work but the anti timer is still in effect. If this was random, or unassisted how is it that one player could get 4 attacks to land at the exact same second as his CS and another set just before landing also at the exact second. So if random how is it that one player "won the lottery" 7 times. I have no problems if i lose a city from fair play but when an honest player has to go up against a player that not makes the game not fun.


The best players are able to get the exact time they were aiming for just under 40% of the time per city, disregarding anchors or other possible factors that would give them additional tries.

It's important to take into account their city count within timing range to gauge whether there is a possibility they are cheating. In any case - if you have suspicions, just report.


1 is fairly easy but only if you have an escort with a TT just longer than the CS. Then you can just send/re-call until they line up with the escort landing first.

if they were 4 full nukes from separate cities it would seem suspicious to me but I don’t know enough about unsanctioned add-ons to know if they can make it happen?

your ones look like split attacks so could have just got lucky?


It's clearly a bot, but the botters of EN will never admit to it.

Actually, it's not that they won't admit it, they really can't admit it. When you've been lying about something for so long, you start to believe in the lie. There is also the botters that don't consider themselves botters, because they only use the Auto farm function and not the other functions that most bots come with.

We need to stand together as a community and report these botters so that they can be banned and if they don't banned we need to continue making noise about it so that someone hears us.


If you think someone is cheating... just time a CS at 12:00:00 and a second CS @ 12:00:20 and land an attack between the CS's...
The "bot" will recall snipe the first CS and have a seizure and not be able to do it for the second one.
Botters are so easy to land on smh

edit: MFW I'm posting this in a revolt thread.................
Play CQ instead that's my suggestion


The anti timer can give you anytime +/- 10 secs. When sending support/attacks always start 11 seconds before the time you require and keep attacking/supporting and then cancelling until 10 seconds after the time you require. With this method you are likely to achieve very close times consistently.
This is right, idk how much En player are good at this, you guys should see the sequence of attacks and supports of some italian player (sometime 15-25 movements at the same second).
For example, i can send the attack/support and cancel it like 10-11 times (per anchors), if i have to snipe an LS nuke, i have 20-22 attempts (10-11 with st and 10-11 without it).
I don't use to, but some player instant buy Cartography, with that they double their attempts, i could have 40-44 attempts with only 1 LS nuke.
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