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Going to be starting an alliance called Apex in EN87. PM me for finer details not posted below.

About Me

Been playing since roughly EN20, it all seems the same it was so long ago. Played for a number of worlds where I learnt all the basics and built up a knowledge of Do's and Don't Do's of grepolis.

In EN24 I really got going, and half-way through the world started leading an alliance. We were always in the top 5 and we were no.1 most of the time. During the WW, another alliance reached 4 WWs due to some real foul play, however along with a few other alliances, we grouped together and made one big alliance, Apocalypse, due to a lot of the players quitting after seeing another alliance get to 4 first. As a founder of this alliance, we fought back the other alliance, taking away their 4 WWs, and then went on to win the world with 7 out of 7 wonders.

Since then I have been on and off the game, started a number of alliances, a number of which, failed miserably as some of you might remember, but I then got going again in Ialysos and set up another solid alliance that lasted a long time. Unfortunately about 6 months into the world, I had to quit due to RL problems, however the alliance continued to grow well after I was gone.

In EN85, I hooked up with Blue Ribbon Bears, and at the moment, this world is exceedingly boring, and so does not require much effort to work with.

The Alliance

The alliance will be small compact alliance located in one of the core oceans, direction and join time, will be announced at a later date. We will aim to stay a long way below the alliance cap, at around about 50 members. However, to be one of the members you will have to show good activity etc. As I will explain in recruitment.

As an alliance, we won't be holding back on the world. There will be no pacts or NAPs, so expect war. Every member of the alliance will be expected to help out, offensively and defensively. This will not be alliance for solo players. PM me for further details on our strategy if you intend to join. One thing you can count on though, is that this alliance will never give up on any situation, no matter what the odds.


Experience - You will need all round grepolis experience, so knowing what it takes to win wars and manage multiple cities. You will need some experience in playing conquest although lots of experience in this area is not essential.

Activity - Every player within the alliance will be expected to be able to answer a message within 4 hours of getting it. In a world with only 12 hour conquest time, it is essential that every member can request, or give support in the first 6 hours of a conquest, as the earlier you attack, the easier it is to break a siege. Each player will also be expected to be active in the forums. This means participating in attacking and defending, and also just keeping up with the alliance strategies and what is going on.

Battle Points - Normally I wouldn't put this in recruitment, because it is what you naturally expect of an experienced player, but everyone might as well know, that Battle Points are essential to success. If any player within the alliance is not seen underachieving in terms of BP, they will not be in the alliance long.

Commitment - Finally, every player must be fully committed to the alliance. If you join the alliance, this is the team you play for, not any past friends in the world, not any past enemies in the world. You play for one alliance, and one team.

Alliance Structure

There will be multiple roles of leadership available within the alliance, however there will not be a role for everyone. Although major decisions will be made after taking opinions from everyone in the alliance, the final decisions will fall to the leadership team and if you are not in the leadership team, your job is too accept the decision, and play with it. However, no one is perfect, and any improvements to alliance or leadership, will always be listened to and considered, and if appropriate, implemented within the alliance.

So if you are interested, send me a PM and include information about yourself, past experience, and stats.


Current Roster:

All In One