Closed Aphrodite's Dinner - Grepolis Lottery.


Grepolis Team
Food Fit for the Gods

What did Aphrodite eat for dinner on the day Lemnos Opened. Pick 2 ingredients as a starter and 3 as a main and 1 drink from the following list. The dinner has been eaten so we have our answer.

Jackpot 6 correct answers 2000 gold for up to 3 players or shared if more.

If there is a balance left then 5 correct answers wins max 1500 or shared if more several players have this.
If there is still a balance then players with 4 win 250 max or share pot.
If there is still a balance we will rollover, add 1000 to the pot and 500 to the jackpot prize and do another next week. This round ends on 20th October.
In the event of a rollover anyone with 4 correct in this round gets an extra chance.

You have 3 free entries and you can ‘buy’ another by posting in the forum in any thread as long as the comment is sensible! No one can win more than once.

Please use the following template:

Aphrodite’s dinner



Post below. Your answers will be invisible to other user
If you wish to enter a 4th time make a forum post in any forum and add the link to your answer.

Possible Ingredients:
Food: Ambrosia, Olives, Roasted chicken, Roasted boar, Roasted Bull, Aubergines, Salad, Figs, Oysters, Feta, Baked beans, wheat, barley, Honey Cake and Chocolate Pudding.

Drinks: Nectar, Red wine, White wine, Coca cola, Water, Blood.

Ingredients for ROLLOVER below

Aphrodite eats food for the starter and main and she drinks one of the selected drinks. Just in case anyone was confused!
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Grepolis Team
Ok this round is closed but we need a ROLLOVER!!! So I am adding 1000 to pot and simplifying the options.

Results - looks like we have 4 players with 4 correct:

These 4 I am giving 250 gold plus a siren token. Please sent me a pm with the world you want the sirens in.

The rollover options:
Same rules as above and same template.

Reduced food options and one addition as requested by @thewilsh - spam ;) Does Aphrodite like this?

Possible Ingredients:
Ambrosia, Roasted chicken, Roasted Bull, Aubergines, Salad, Oysters, Feta, barley, SPAM and Chocolate Pudding.

Drinks: Red wine, White wine, Water, Blood.

Hopefully we get some winners now so I will close as appropriate. Everyone gets one entry per day now and the 4 winners abouve have a double entry for their first go.


Grepolis Team
Yes Guys you get one go per day for now. I will review next week and come up with some winners. No one has 6 but there is a 5 correct in this rollover.


Grepolis Team
Ok i think i will give my rollover 1 more day. We do have one player with 5 and a few 4s but so far no one with a jackpot


Grepolis Team
Ok comp closed.

Rollover foods were: Ambrosia, Aubergine, SPAM, Roasted Chicken, Chocolate Pudding and Red wine.

Still no outright winners but we do have 2 players with 5 -
@Dahar Master Pat

So these 2 get the rollover jackpot 2500 gold each

Then a few managed 4 again
@Dahar Master Pat you can only win once so as a bonus I will add a set of ingredients for the halloween comp.

So here i will give the rest of the pot - 600 gold as a runner up to players with 4

I think i found all those with 4/5 but if you feel you missed out just send me a message and I can check the entry.

Thanks to everyone for playing.