Apollo 64


What can I say,

Sometimes it takes a while for good advice to sink in !!!

:D :D :D

Myself and the leaders of what was RME64 have broken away and formed Apollo 64 to concentrate our efforts in this ocean. If you are not in ocean 64 then we're not interested in having you as a member, so please dont ask.

If you dont have a good strong city or two already plus some attacking BP then Im not interested in having yet more people to train in order to sit around asking how the mood works in farming.

We are dominating Ocean 64 and are 11th in the whole of Lambda already and our allies in United Watch are second place behind us in 64. We will gradually be squeezing most people out of our ocean although I know there are a few talented individuals in some of the other alliances who I would be happy to accept into Apollo so that we may grow big and powerful together.

Feel free to check my stats out - as I admit I am a new player to this game although we do have some pretty experienced players and a good leadership structure I think.

Thanks for your time, and Happy New Year !!



Welcome to O64

My army are #7 in the world and #3 in O64.


Hi there Silvatica,

I have read good things about you and your guys in here, in fact I said as much earlier on the top 12 rating thread.

I had thought that you were only in oceans 43 & 53 but I notice you are all over the place !! You have also taken in "Poocher" who one of our former players (ACMike) had a problem with, although that player is long gone from us and we have broken him up pretty good thanks to his backstabbing attacks on me and a couple of others.

Im sure there will be no reason for us to attack your players in our ocean so I will discuss this with you in game.

Have a good'un.




What hapened to this thread,
let's bump it, up :)


Ha !!

I forgot about this.

I guess the predictions about Poocher came true !!