Apollo Warriors


Dear warrior,

I find myself writing this thread to introduce you the Apollo Warriors Alliance. You can locate our members in the Ocean 53, and contact us anytime you want to clarify any doubt you might have.

Let me first introduce myself before I proceed. I am an Argentinian whose current major is a PhD in International Relations. With that said, let me say that I play this type of games because my interest in life is to cooperate in a diplomatic way not only with people, organizations and countries, but in games. Believe it or not, it is a simulation of how real life people would react to, as redundant as it may sound, real life problems, requests or proposes.

I also believe that this game, Grepolis, is a war strategy game. That meaning that, as you might know, war is not a constant battle or confrontation with an enemy, but a complex net of relations between the parts who participate in the conflict, being the battles just a consequence of this relations. Otherwise, Grepolis would become a Hack and Slash game where the one with the biggest army wins, and not a Strategy game, in which those who cleverly develop their diplomatic levels and relations do.

Let me clarify now that this alliance was not made with the intention of become a MRA (Mass Recruiting Alliance), but to recruit the best among us. We prioritize qualities over quantities, therefore the only requirement to join the alliance is to be an active and committed player willing to develop as an individual and to help your Alliance companions.

We also believe that experience helps, but if you are new and willing to learn, it might be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know an organized and formal alliance.

If you think you have or might be able to show all the attributes I have previously mentioned, we will gladly be waiting for you to send us an application message.

Yours faithfully,


Maybe bang some stats in and to be honest sounds like your going to pact with everyone which generally is not the best move in a game like this. Good luck anyways :)

Wred IV

Maybe bang some stats in and to be honest sounds like your going to pact with everyone which generally is not the best move in a game like this. Good luck anyways :)
I thought it was refreshing that he didn't write an essay about how many alliance and worlds he's lead. Although i agree it gives a vibe of being too diplomatic to attract aggressive players.

Good luck nachi, and I like your definition of war. I prefer to think of war as a fight for resources, land and ultimately power.


Was just giving him tips on how to make it a little better not demeaning the original content :)


Greetings, people.

I appreciate your opinions about it, and of course I've made this not only to recruit people, but to receive criticism, and that's what I've gotten over here.

sounds like your going to pact with everyone
That was epic, so I might need to clarify my intentions next time I post, because I obviously don't aim to doing that.

Nevertheless, thank you for the constructive criticism.

Regards :)


Nicely written. But in my opinion, if you want to survive in this game you must be more aggressive. Best of luck.