Newspaper Apollonia Times Twenty-Fifth Issue


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Wars and Stats
Ocean Control
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25th issue. Nuff said.

Things are not looking looking good for Najistan. Two weeks ago was wvil420 and last week phineaus2 became the new victim losing every single city he had. Their ABP count this past week is quiet laughable for both alliances.
Najistan[SUP]*[/SUP] vs Epilektoi[SUP]*[/SUP]
20 - 48​
Najistan[SUP]*[/SUP] vs Epilektoi[SUP]**[/SUP]
46 - 148​
[SUP]* Including academy[/SUP]
[SUP]** Including coalition[/SUP]​
Ocean 44
Out of the 901 cities in Ocean 44, 730 (~81%) belong to Epilektoi and The Macca Tash.

Ocean 45
Out of the 800 cities in Ocean 45, 477 (~60%) belong to Reservoir Dogs/Pups.

Ocean 54
Unlike Oceans 44 and 45, 54 is much more diverse and it's home to a larger amount of alliances. Out of the 1348 cities in Ocean 54, 500 (~37%) belong to .Exile Immortals. and sister alliances and 408 (~30%) belong to Epiektoi and TMS.

Ocean 55
Out of the 838 cities in Ocean 55, 668 (~80%) belong to Najistan and Naji Street.

Name That Pixel
Guess the images below and win the prize associated with them.
Prize: 250 BP
Prize: 500 BP
Prize: 725 BP
Prize: 1000 BP

Birdy Time


Best rank: 6; ABP: 208,512; DBP: 403,676; Alliance: Najistan

mistic tiger
Best rank: 116; Alliance: Naji Street

Best rank: 62; DBP: 281,740; Alliance: Reservoir Dogs

Kong Zeus
Best rank: 5; ABP: 345,866; DBP: 260,212; Alliance: Naji Road

Best rank: 259; Alliance: JackRabbitz
Last week winner:#10 chaoselite8
Prize: 5 happiness spells + 500 BP.

Rules: Choose a number from 1 to 25.
Prize: 5 happiness spells + 500 BP. Good luck!
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your continued work is appreciated as always C4
i will take #4 again
i will win with #4 one of these weeks


Solid issue again! How about #9?
In some news, my alliance Byzantium Warriors, just switched sides in the fight between the Delians/ Die Hard and the Reservoir Dogs/Pups as we no longer saw a future being penned in by allies on all sides and endlessly supplying them with support without any real action.
Just to let people know what the very western rim update is!