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Every update grepolis attempts to fix problems with the game but none of the them ever correlate to the app. The app freaking sucks. Forget about changes to the endgames or whatever, focus on improving the app. I'm a 22 year old with a life, I won't or do I want to just sit by a computer all day waiting to get attacked. What I want, and what I think the community should want, is to get an improved version of the app. Literally ridiculous how a player can be on/by their phone but not receive any notification of an incoming attack. It is a reason why I quit months ago and is the main reason why I want to leave the game all over again. Literally ridiculous. How hard can it possibly be to have an app that works reasonably well consistently? At least give me something to look forward to when it comes to improvements?


Another big issue with the app, defending.

I don't understand why but the time on the app doesn't show the seconds of the revolt time. Additionally, you cannot click into either revolts that you have going (to send an attack) or revolts against you (to defend/send resources for wall).

Also, trade structure should be improved on the app. Some kind of drag and drop similar to trade on web would fix a lot of problems.

Another big app issue, most of the time you click go to this city and it doesn't actually take it to that city but it takes you to your current city. Fixing this would be really nice.