Are they merging or Is there an internal conflict?


Seems like The Grim has some issues,some of their members r moving to other alliances.Even one of their key player or leader has gone to Cerebus(theraphy?).7 of their members have left grim and joined cerebus,SI & Rouge.
The question is.....
Is it an internal conflict?
anyone care to educate us who are in the rim
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Its an internal conflict.
Grim has lost 2 leaders in the past 1 week.. and players aren't happy from what I can tell.
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Kashmire Tuzk

Nope, We don't believe it. You must put your logic 1st,how comes that going to help you freakies.!!! :p
i served in grim & grimlins believe it. We are toren from the inside out, leadrship is in disaray. a strategic pact might be avakable with zombies and dat might just save us, but i dont see dat hapening tho.


anybody wants mine.... :D :D
its same as in forum... dont need to have separate id for forum and ingame :p