Are we shure thats everyone is using GUI on this world ??

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Im writing it as so far mods and admins of game did nothing at all to some important matter. Seems it when 'gold' is not involved they ignoring everything else.

Some of a players on Olynthus are not using GUI (Game User Interface) to play , launch attacks and supports.
Im not sure if its any bot used , but im most sure that they manipulate with Java scripts - which is easy to do it really and its should be visible in game logs on server as mass attemps to launch attacks/supports with very short time - its about 20-40 attemps within less than 20-30 secs which is phisically impossible when using gui regardless how good your pc and internet connection is .

this are some examples

this are not just a single examples , i could prolly post a lot of screenshots . Suprising is that its only same players does it every time and i heared some explanation but it can make sense to novice or someone who never had anything in common with pc's , websites , java ect.

but question is who do we (or me ) can speak about? is there is game mod or admin which is doing hes job in proper way ? or just ignoring people when its no gold involved ?

i am a premium player an im expecting to some steps being taken when we reporting things like that and i would like to be informed about progress of investigation .

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Erm... What?

So you are saying that some players are possibly breaking the rules. Well if you suspect that, then report it to the mods and they WILL check your suspicions!

I'm not going to repeat myself again, end off. Thread closed!
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