Discussion Attack Landing Exactly Same Time As Support Lands


I don't want to sound noobish but I have had this particular experience a few times in the past where I would support a player and my support would land exactly same time as CS or so they say... Apparently when this happens the support actually ends up landing after the CS instead of landing directly when the attack lands although apparently both arrive at exactly same time. I want to know why this would happen? I understand I have had really good supports landing 1 second before attacks but I think it's really awesome that support arrives directly on an attack. I think it's relatively ridiculous that 2 troops movements landing same time don't actually touch each other. I want some opinions.


It depends on milliseconds I would say. But in my personal opinion I think it's programmed like that that the support lands after the CS. Always.
Because if it would really be depending the milliseconds then we would have seen a few occasions where the support lands before the CS. Which hasn't happened yet...

So my answer would be that it's programmed.


I think it's based on which attack / support was sent first.

If the CS was sent first to land at 08:00:00 then an attack was sent and lands as well as 08:00:00 then the CS will first hit / land then the attack. So regarding your post if you wanted to snipe a CS attempt with biremes you would have to land your support prior to the CS landing time. If your support lands the same time as the CS , assuming the CS was sent first, you will be supporting the siege instead of sniping it.

Not too sure about this though I may be wrong. Would always be great to get some confirmation from a Senior. :)


The details of how the system determines which command arrives first has been defined by the development team as confidential, so we will never be able to give you a definitive answer.


In my experience I have calculations that are a bit silly...

Like if my CS is sent and I send same second supports and clearing attacks as follows

Clearing attacks first

CS second

Support third

all on the same second I find 1 in every 35 will venture outside of that order.


ive had this case multitriple times

u can see which attack lands first in the overview

but like this guy said ive always had it this way so im 99% sure what he says is right

first send first land this way u most likely will never snipe a cs on the same time because the CS has to be send after u did send ur support

but a snipe on 1 sec almost always works because normally u sent ur snipe later than the clearing waves from the enemy


I also think that sent first arrives first but, either way, the only way you can tell for sure is if you can see both the CS, and the support that lands the same second in your commands overview.

If the support is below the CS, then it will land after. If the Support is on top of the CS, then it will land before.


Yeah I will keep note of the command overview. These millaseconds count big time! Perhaps I should post in the idea section about adding the millaseconds in to be visible both in support and attacking.


milliseconds, this could be bad my timing skill will have to go to milliseconds it could spell destruction for me when i have to time out to the millisecond :heh:


I have had 5 attacks all landing in the same second and i can tell u right now they landed in the order i sent them. So as confidential as it may be :p id have to agree with longest travel time lands first and so on :p