Attackers of Pag


Didn't have it,just went and typed "The floor is lava",and with a bit of editing, voilà.
The wall mate the wall.


Right here.Now your wall please?
You know the rules mahim i know you are smart

And im sorry but a picture you found on an image of some girls twitter feed and made into a meme of me, unfortunately wasn't very funny, and was a bit strange if i do say so.

Perhaps someone else saw the humor in it and laughed? Maybe?


Guys there is no point asking for his wall
Obviously he is hiding something or he would have shown it by now


I honestly think we should just close this topic. Deus clearly has something to hide as Daniel says. I think we should all just agree that Deus has ZERO respect from any of us right now. He has sat there, accusing everyone of things completely irrelevant to this thread. He has pointed fingers at others who have supposedly done this or done that.

We might as well not post a single message more to give fuel to his fire. So I suggest the following:

Either Deus posts his wall or we don't respond to his next comment. Simple as that. I can predict in advance that he will try and make some statement to get a rise out of one of us... I, for one, am not going to give him it. This is the last time I will post in response to Deus and I hope everyone will follow suit.

And addressed to Deus. Until you post your wall know that not one person in this thread believes you to be a credible player. Actually, i'd go as far as to say that not one person READING this thread believes you are a credible fighter. Seeing as I have posted my wall and am a credible player, I can tell you now that the accusations being thrown at you would 100% lead me to posting my wall... There is no logical reason for you not to. So if you don't, no words you can muster are going to convince any of us that you are not a BP cannibalizing coward. Thank you for an interesting thread IanY.


Sorry i'm not interested of reading 2 full pages of a few morons debating who's the better troop killer and spy.
Not to mention it is a tad embarrassing arguing who is a greater fighter on this server. MGGA's strategy has been all about avoiding just that 'troop killing' thus creating a lengthy stalemate until WWs are done with.

This strategy seems to be common place now. Merge with the alliances around you so you own a large block of the world, arrange the handful of true fighters in the alliance on the 'frontline' while the vast majority of the alliance sit twiddling their thumbs refilling their friends cities on the frontline with masses of LTS until they get their crown.

I may be wrong but judging from the lack of actual battle talk here, the occasional revolt on the shared forums I can see and the handful of attacks I have received that this is not a fighters server.
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You would certainly know from experience

Then it is good they will be forever where they belong, they will fit right in with the rest of you they add something to your roster. You already have the bp cannibals, and alliance backstabbers. They can be your shamed spies and traitors.

Please explain how it is honorable to overthrow your leaders, merge with the enemy, and kick out 2 branches of players into the cold. That is a far more evil and malicious thing to do than recruit 2 branches. Not that you would understand, as you only recruit players to internalize them later by force.

It seems to be frustrating you greatly that im not showing my wall. I will keep you waiting
Sorry i cant speak with cheaters. Wall ?

Silver Witch

About the two players who left from MGGA to Noobs. If you remember dear reader, when Shockwave was still up and running shaz left and a few people followed. The ones that were left behind had called them traitors initially but then MGGA and them countered that they were unhappy with how the alliance was and decided to leave, without notifying us before they did. After more people left, every time in waves, they even went as far as calling the ones that were left (me, pro-grep and avelys) traitors.
Olympic and sohni were unhappy with the way MGGA was run so they decided to leave. To go more to their new alliance's territory they switch cities with some players (Ray and Ian).
If they truly were spies and traitors they would have waited until WW era to send info and switch alliances, possibly ruining WW sites.

Olympic and Sohni are different because they deliberately swapped core internals that they had taken with enemy fighters. They also waited until WW was very close. It happens - its not the first time and i can see that as a Noob its useful to say the least. For me, despite the hassle its caused, i would rather players like that were with you and not us. Players don't change - they are no more trustworthy for you than they were for us.

As for the rest of this thread, i accept its about attackers but this is a team game - you need all types of players and not everyone has the time to focus on front lines. Ultimately its just a bit of fun. Deus has done a huge amount for this alliance - he's certainly not a bp cannibal. Wall or no wall lol!



There will be no more arguing in this thread. It needs to get back on topic. It's about posting walls and the discussion concerning them. If you are not doing that, then you need to move on to the other threads. I will start infracting if this topic continues to stray from the point of the thread.


And of course Deus went quiet when i post a funny thing, probably made him laugh and he doesn't want to prove his cannibalisation


Guys what if I have 20 city`s full with ldu,I`m in safe ocean and want to convert those city`s to off.

What should I do with those troops?To attack the enemy? I don`t think so.

I prefer to kill them myself.
I am faced with this scenario in every world that I have played in and I load them into transports and crash them into a teammates birs. Killing your own stuff is within the rules but I prefer to earn my bp at the expense of the enemy. Even if I am the only one to know how my bp was earned I don't want it to have an asterisk next to it........I suppose it boils down to personal integrity.


Guys what if I have 20 city`s full with ldu,I`m in safe ocean and want to convert those city`s to off.

What should I do with those troops?To attack the enemy? I don`t think so.
why on earth would you have 20 ldu cities in a safe ocean and then want to change them too off?