August Competition Poll


We thought that we would give you the chance to vote for the main August competition. There are several choices along with brief descriptions of what each competition is:

1. Pixelated Image:
A couple pixelated images are shown each day and you must successfully guess what they are.

2. Summer Ideas Competition:
You must come up with a NEW idea for the game.

3. Wheel of Fortune III:
You post in a thread and the first 300 people will be put on a wheel for a chance at winning prizes.

4. Community Story (different than the first one):
Write a story based off the starter topic.

5. Grepolis Olympics:
The first competition would be the Grepolis Warriors Competition(this is the ingame fighting/conquering part). The second competition would be the PnP Competition.
Finally, the third competition would be the Grepolis Trivia competition.

You may vote here.