Bad Taste Alliance

I am going to make a point of attacking the people in this alliance as quite frankly I find their attitude about such a thing in very very bad taste.

I will be sending lightning bolts and earthquakes and all sorts of things their way.
I would not be upset if anyone else did likewise.



I will always have your back Crimson.
And to all of you under the pact Coalition 42 who wish to declare war on me because i didn't want a bunch of people who think "raping" is something cool recruiting everybody known to man around me then so be it.
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Bringing this to our Alliance leader's attention. None are on our islands, and I am still working on fielding a credible naval presence - I fear I can contribute little at this time, but The Crimson Lord will definitely be in my thoughts and well wishes for his fortunes in battle.


This alliance is another example of the decadence modern culture has spawned...
I see they have changed their name, I hope as I reported them.
Still gonna lightning bolt and quake them to bits once their BP ends...


MarshalNey brought your post to my attention. Just wanted to extend our best to you in your campaign. There are some lines better off not crossed. Glad to see like minded players out there.


Just have 3 harpies that where built for these guys. You send one attack with 3 harpies at a guy. Wipe him out. They come back sens it to the another guy