BarbDot aka The Carebears


Goodday dearest grepoplayers,

My name is Chilluminati aka Funshine Bear. I am not here, as many others, to try and recruit you to this newly founded alliance existing of only the most loving and caring players. I am here to show you we care about you and that we, polite as we are, will not hide in anonymity but will introduce ourselves properly and with love.

The Barbdot alliance was founded by a group of very lovely carebears who played together in world 42. With the WW era continuing for a few months they needed more love and care then the enemy could give at this point, so they decided to go on the road and find new friends deep down in 056 of world 62.

Make no mistake, at Barbdot we might care a lot but :pro: , ofcourse.

Some information:
- We do not take in new members, only friends who have shown the love and deserve to be loved back.
- We do not make pact however cooperation and friendship is key so this can always happen.
- We do not appreciate faul mouthing or threats, those will be answered with hugs, hearts and conquests.

We are here to have good fun, at Barbdot were we care a lot!

Have a nice day/night. Feel free to comment or subscribe to recieve our love.

Sincerely yours for ever untill rimmed,

EDIT: For those players in world 62 who actually have a clue how to play grepolis, you will see we are currently winning a war with no losses against an alliance 10X our size. We want to tell the players we rimmed that we are sorry for there losses and wish them all the best in there life outside of world 62.
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Sincerely yours for ever untill rimmed,
Because I too care a lot, I don't see you getting rimmed any time soon. <3

About the birth of this alliance: Me and dot had an idea to play somewhere to kill time just by the two of us. Need speeeeed so the choice was Riz. Then we had Rob and LadyS join us. After this a few friends more and a couple of friends after this too. Just wanted to tell that there's plenty of laaav left to any of our old friends while we're waiting for the ideal server to be launched.

So far this has been a fun place to be. Please dear enemies, attack us soon again. We're loving it.


Liam M

Easy pickings considering The Varangian Guard are all inactives left behind by the merger.