Baroque Works


Baroque Works

We shall defend our islands, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender."​

Hello everyone, my name is Mario, I'm Portuguese and I play Grepolis since 2010.
This is my first journey in an en server, but I think my English is good enough for the job.I have plenty of experience in this game, I was leader of several alliances, all the times we arduous and honorably fought for our territories and goals, being always win our ambition. As a soldier got 3 times the WW and once as leader, with an alliance of 30 bloody and relentless warriors that shook the world Ni. I arrived alone in this world, seeking for new challenges and wanting to meet new people, I was already a little tired of the Portuguese servers, wait anxiously to learn new and innovative stuff coming from all corners of the world. I am looking for good warriors and also good leaders who are interested in the position. My goal is always to win and aggression is my philosophy .
Now let's start the show!:cool:

Baroque Works profile:
We will have vertical hierarchy with militar heritage. Each member will have the right to opine and there will be no distinction between them.
The only classification that will be made is:


We only accept ative players, beeing the inative's citys repatriated between the active ones. Because Baroque Works members's cities are not your property but Baroque Works intiitution's property.

Recruiting in the northwest 46 and south 55 to.


» Be experienced or be willing to learn;
» Dedication and commitment;
» Constant activity;
» Constant communication (Via Forum/Skype/PM)
» Agressivity;
» Loyalty and brotherhood (Look for it);
» Read and acept alliance rules (See below).

1 Respect each other , any direct insult without apparent justification will be punished .
2 Attacks between members of the Mafia , or its allies by Pact or agreement notified by the Lead are not allowed.(spy is attack)
3 All the information on our forum and mass pm's of the alliance are strictly confidential .
4 Abandon the Alliance without justification, is considered treason .
5 In case of inativity for more than 48 hours, activate vacation mode .
6 Actively participate in the Forum.
7 Only the Founders can declare war .
8 In time of declared war, members should mandatorly reserve there troops to use ALL in favor of the alliance.
9 The elements that are inactive for more than 72 hours without giving prior knowledge of their inactivity in the forum of the Alliance or to a superior, can come under attack by elements of the Alliance in order to prevent their cities will be held by enemy players.
10 Players who possess cities in the alliance wonders which are unreachable for more than 48 hours will be given the order to conquer their wonder cities , in order to avoid a bad defensively in the future.
11 All the cities need to be claimed using the reservation system, it counts who booked first and not who attacked first.
12 Only 1 colonization per player at the beginning of the game, in order to prevent these players late in its evolution, we are an agressive alliance, not farmers. Colonizations only when we need to close islands for WW.
13 No player can be 3 Op's or 3 defenses without participating. (in case of Academy accordance the number drops to 2)
Shall not be counted the op's that you fail while in vacation mode.
14 All defaults may be punished by expulsion or passage to the Academy.


FOUNDER: Mr.Sherek
LEADER: (Non decided)
(3)COUNCIL: (Non decided)

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Yes it is mate, i found the name very nice, Baroque Works is the Crocodile's "Gang"
I know i will be acused of lack of originality for some, but i really enjoy the anime and the name... ;)


<b>King Andromeda</b>
Ah awesome! It's not "un-original", imho. Who names their alliances after animes? Very few. Even I have named one of my alliances by a association in Hunter x Hunter (anime), it was called "Hunters Association" :D

Aggression pays

Looks great, well built out profile of your alliance hope it works for u