Battle Reports


not really bp has ended or is ending for most people in the core so attacks should be flying out. weather your only killing 6 swordsman or 50 slingers its still a report. obviously as time goes on reports will get better so why not start from the start.

cabz bii

o.k heres some of mine i cannt upload so you guys will have to copy -pase into a message and hit preveiw to see it

[report]918e9b49476343b0eab45dcb35c12a81[/report] killed 15 slinsg and 6 swrds
[report]ce21070137965a8fdbad984df4558edf[/report]killed 5 swrds
[report]ce21070137965a8fdbad984df4558edf[/report] killed 5 swrds
[report]5b8df1e4d0a3c040a7f69e0c09d94d60[/report]killed 5 swrds
[report]0348e2795667ef7f107339ef5054fb88[/report] killed 6 swrds

nothing big yet unfortunatly hopefully will be posting a good one soon