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Welcome to the World Hermonassa Battleships Competition!

This game will work just like regular battleships. In the post below this one, you will start with a blank 20x20 grid, hidden in this grid are 12 ships, your aim is to try and sink the ships!
To do this, you must guess grid squares where you think the ships are hidden. A miss gains you nothing, however a red square will be added to the grid so that you can see where people have guesses. A hit on a ship will gain you 1 point, however the whole ship must be hit before it is destroyed!

The person who sinks a ship will gain 3 points (not 3 points + the 1 for hitting though, just 3).

There are 5 types of ship in this game-
Transport- Two squares
Bireme- Three squares
Light Ship- Five Squares
Trireme- Six Squares
Colony Ship- Nine Squares

The ships can either be vertical or horizontal.


  • In order to compete you must play actively in Hermonassa. By active I mean you have had an account before this competition started.
  • You can only guess another square after the moderator has posted. E.g. Player A posts, Player B posts, Player C posts, mod posts saying that A was wrong and B and C had hits- All three can now guess again.
  • Each hit earns you 1 point
  • Each ship that you destroy earns you 3 points
  • Whoever posts the grid reference first (assuming it is a hit) gets the points.
  • Edited or deleted posts for any reasons will be disqualified. Yes I can tell.
  • No double posting either. Both posts will be deleted and disqualified.
  • Most importantly, and I will enforce this heavily, have fun! A competition is no good if you are not having fun, so do it!

List of contestants & Points
  • daveinator007 - 1
  • Tyrant King - 12
  • annalionwolf - 3
  • milocece - 2
  • Archon of Corinth - 1
  • DA-V1NC1 - 2
  • burgermister - 2

How will it work?
I will post saying correct or incorrect as often as possible, please do not simply spam post guesses as that does ruin it.

Now that that is out of the way, here is an example of where the ships could be:

After a few guesses, it may look like this:

This is what you would see after a while-
We can see here the reds are missed guesses, the greens are hits and the blues are ships that have been destroyed.

The reward:
The person with the most points after the competition ends will receive: 200 Gold.

Competition Schedule:
  • Starts on January 25, 2014 at 19:00:00 UTC +1.
  • Ends on January 31, 2014 at 23:59:59 UTC +1.
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This is the official one to this competition, please choose coordinates by writing (x,y).
Only post once, and wait for me to check and say you can guess again.

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