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Best Moderator of All Time

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Exactly my point. One day he/she could be acting like a guy and another day he/she'll pretend he/she's a guy.

*Hugs Pebs*


If it is of all time then I should be in this poll (and win it) :D


Mr. Mu (August)
I'm sorry pebble, but...smurfs...

To be honest though, the choices are woefully incomplete. Where's skully, Fisty, Fingolfin, Betsy, Adam (Ac04), Socrates, Gordopolis, and all of the other mods?
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Pebble im not going to be able to vote for you. So I wrote you a haiku to let you down easy

oh great a pebble
I would like to vote for you
but it's laneypoo


Where could you nominate people? I've missed all of the nomination threads? :eek:


Voted for Lane. Would have voted for Ninepence or Farg if possible.
I haven't been around long enough to remember the early mods, but I always found Lane easy to deal with. Somewhat surprised my old friend Pushty didn't make it on the short list. How soon they forget. Where's the love man, where's the love?

Of course, I wouldn't have voted for him if he had, I'm just sayin :p