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Hello to everyone again ! :)

I'm not sure that I'll know as many people on the forums as I did before my break from the game. But hey I'm Matty if you don't know me.

I joined a world to have a warm up, get back into the game, get some more timing practise etc. I joining Olynthus, and joined a small alliance called Bloodguard. I like to think that even though I'm not the best of players, I know the game quite well, and I know what to do. I met a player who I won't name, and he disagrees with my tactics entirely, and as a result, he argues day after day about which tactic is best. So I'll put it to everyone here, as I'm interested to know which is the best tactic.

He thinks that the best tactic is to keep all your cities to one or two islands, and he has the philosophy of building cities from scratch, and I quote, he believes people who would then take his cities are 'scumbags'.

I disagree with everything that he is saying about the game. I believe that you never limit yourself to a number of islands, you should expand as much as you can, and I believe taking cities off people like him, is the point of the game.

So what does everyone think? I would like to also say that his tactics do not differ in any circumstance, they stay the same through every scenario, although if I was likely to be attacked often and hard in a small alliance, I would keep my cities closer together, whereas he does all of the time.

Interested to hear peoples thoughts... It may also settle our little dispute.


I agree with you, although make sure not to spread yourself too thin.


Personally I hate to have more than 1 city on an island. But some people prefer 2 (or in extreme cases, 3) per island, which leaves them with good sniping options, specially when on frontlines.


I don't go that far, normally no more than 2 islands apart for my first 5 cities but never have more than 2 cities on each island. This player has 5 and is taking a 6th on the island, and wants the entire island for himself.

I like 2 cities on my first island, so I have the conquest one then the defense one, but that's only if I don't have loads of active players near me.


I like to have my islands as close to each other as possible and never take cities more than an ocean away from my 'core' unless moving up to a front line. I also don't mind having 2 cities on an island. And I never found unless filling up the alliance WW core.

So I guess I agree with you although if I ever decided to join a world on my own to chill and mess about I would probably just 'sim on the rim' and have my own island to myself :cool:


Never more than 1 city on an island to maximize the efficiency, in theory it doesnt really matter much in late game, but still, I hate not having the option to farm in any given city at any given time.

As far as founding a city goes it's all need-based. When it's possible, conquering a city is always better, but sometimes founding is necessary to achive your goal, to move onto a specific island or into a specific area.


There are some very good reasons for multiple cities on an island - one, it allows you to concentrate forces in very quick attacks on enemy cities on the same island, which can be devastating. Two, it greatly simplifies ls follow-home attacks. Three, it allows for incredibly rapid defence.

I'm perfectly happy with 2 or 3 cities on the same island for these reasons, or even more if I'm actually in the middle of a clearance op, but as soon as the enemy is safely cleared out, I would generally look to offload them to get back to one per island.

I'm also perfectly happy founding cities if there's a strategic purpose to it, and I often found my second city in a world to allow quicker expansion. Not as much fun as taking someone else's, though!


I don't mind really either way, though I preferred to have mine on different islands if possible and then maybe only a couple on the same island if necessary... many more neighbours to visit that way.
Advantages as stated above, there's a massive disadvantage tho:
Imagine how difficult it would be to defend against an op with cs' landing at every city on your island at the same time if u owned loads on there - give or take a few secs time wise, it'd be a nightmare imo